• Photometer MD 100 Cooling and Boiler Water


Photometer MD 100 Cooling and Boiler Water

Feb 17 2015

Optimise Processes in Your Cooling and Boiler Water System

There are many starting points for ensuring the efficiency and operational safety of cooling and boiler water systems. An essential point is the testing and monitoring of the water which is used. Only minor deviations from the minimum requirements can cause serious consequences and severely impair the system. Prevent increased wear, poor efficiency and system shutdowns. We have developed the MD 100 Boiler Water and MD 100 Cooling Water photometer systems specifically for this purpose, as custom solutions tailored to your needs.

MD 100 Boiler Water

Most faults in steam production plants occur as a result of deficient monitoring and control of the boiler water. This includes, in particular, the formation of boiler scale, corrosion and local overheating. Therefore, regular treatment and testing of the boiler water is indispensable. By using the MD 100 Boiler Water photometer system, you have an overview of the key parameters of your boiler water and can perform purposeful water treatment at all times.

MD 100 Cooling Water

Scale, corrosion, deposits and damage due to micro organisms (biofilms) are just some of the factors which can seriously impair cooling water systems. There is no need to let it come to that, because only a few minor corrections will usually result in a considerable improvement in water quality and thus drastically reduced operating costs and long-term prevention of downtimes. The Photometer MD 100 Cooling Water is just the right system for this purpose. It tests your water parameters quickly, easily and precisely.

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