• New Handbook of Methods: A compact work of reference for photometry


New Handbook of Methods: A compact work of reference for photometry

Nov 19 2018

There is something wrong with the concentration of nitrate in the drinking water. That much seems certain, but nobody knows exactly, how and with what this hypothesis can be confirmed. This scenario is now history, from now on it will only take one touch or mouse click to find the solution. The new Lovibond® Handbook of Methods will turn the search for the right testing method in water analysis into a truly simple operation. It summarises everything which is needed for reliable and fast test results at a glance.

After turning a few pages, the new handbook recommends and advises which instruments and reagents are needed for each job, thus ensuring that everybody can analyse the parameters they need to measure. The handbook will also guide less experienced users on how to safely and correctly perform their analytical tasks by following the intuitive pictograms. The handbook explains exactly, which cuvette is suitable for each test, which powder or tablets have to be added to the sample, which disturbances may arise during the test, it also gives further recommendations for the analysis and adds further literature. It is a reference book, which contains much more than a compendium of all current 161 Lovibond® test methods.

Within the more than 900 pages the user also finds practical work faciliation. The barcodes on each front page of the test method automatically activate the correct test recognition in the recommended instruments, thus making it possible to start the appropriate test method directly and very rapidly. For their own, specific work processes the users can collect the methods including barcodes individually, which simplifies the process considerably. The XD 7000 (154 methods) and XD 7500 (155 methods) Spectrophotometers are the first Lovibond® instruments to offer this user-friendly operating concept.

The corresponding order number for instruments, reagents and the necessary accessories are also added as practical supports to each Lovibond® method in the handbook. Cross-sensitivities and literature references are additional supplements. Anybody who wants to acquaint themself with the basics of water analysis will find detailed information in an introduction chapter, which discusses the general principles of water analysis. This is followed by details of161 Lovibond® test methods, references for sources and norms, suitable reagents including part numbers, an explanation of potential interferences, validation of methods and scopes of application. A glossary completes the comprehensive reference.

The Lovibond Handbook of Methods is currently translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Turkish with further languages to be added. The printed version of the handbook weighs 1,25 kilo. For those who may find this too heavy, they can download the digital edition on the Lovibond® homepage and get detailed information about each test method. The Handbook of Methods forms the basis of Tintometer’s new form of documentation for the Lovibond® products: Manuals and detailed descriptions of methods are from now on offered separately.

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