• Modern Spectrophotometer for Water and Waste Water Testing


Modern Spectrophotometer for Water and Waste Water Testing

Jan 01 2000

The SpectroDirect is a modern single-beam spectrophotometer with an excellent price/performance ratio that is specifically designed for water testing.

The instrument is equipped with a wide range of pre-programmed methods based on the proven range of Lovibond® tube tests, tablet reagents, liquid reagents and powder reagents (Vario Powder Packs).

The light source is a tungsten halogen lamp with flash function. The lamp is switched on only momentarily during of the measurement process, so there is no need for a warmup period. The SpectroDirect is ready to perform a selftest as soon as it is switched on.

The light passes through an entry slot to the monochromator, where it is split into spectral ranges. The monochromator is a holographically produced, transparent grating. The movable mirror ensures that light of the desired wavelength is focused automatically so that it passes through the exit slot, into the sample chamber and therefore through the water sample. The light that is not absorbed by the sample travels to the silicon photodiode detector. This signal is then evaluated by a microprocessor and shown as a result in the display. New methods, Test methods are continuously updated to suit market requirements. New methods can be added easily and quickly using software available from Tintometer (Germany).

Applications: Waste Water, Drinking Water, Industrial Process Water, Scientific & Research, Governmental and Private Laboratories, Advantages, Wavelength range from 330 to 900 nm, Interface RS232, Large illuminated graphic display, Touch-sensitive film keypad with logical layout, Use of round vials and rectangular cells of different sizes without adapter, 16 user-specific methods*, Fast, easy lamp change, Software updates free of charge.

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