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Microbiological Testing Equipment

Sep 22 2012

The Tintometer Group of Companies (Germany), the home of the Lovibond brand, launches the Microbiological Testing Equipment range, presenting its solutions for indicator organism tests for TVC (Total Viable Count), E.coli/Coliforms and Pseudomonas. The new Lovibond range is intended to monitor microorganisms – also known as microbes - in the field and is suitable for use by non-technical, semi-technical and professional members of the water analysis team.

This new range also includes an early warning indicative test to detect the pathogenic Legionella bacterium common in many environments, specifically air-conditioning units, cooling towers, domestic water systems and spas. The test detects Legionellapneumophilliaserogroup 1, the most common causative agent of Legionnaires disease in humans, and provides a rapid indication of Legionella presence for further confirmation with laboratory culture tests.

Microbes of various types are found naturally in many water sources. They can be advantageous in some processes. Some, however, can cause disease in both the animal and plant kingdoms. When present in water systems, they can reduce plant and equipment life, potentially affecting the health and safety of operatives and members of the public.The diversity of the microbes that can affect the water systems is vast and, in the majority of cases, the test to determine which microbial species is the causative agent for disease or infection is too complex to be performed on-site.

It is therefore accepted that indicator organisms can be used in situ to monitor the microbiological trends within a water system: using them as the trigger for changing biocide dosing and further investigative work.The most commonly used indicator organism tests are TVC (to indicate the general number of microbes in the system), E.Coli/Coliforms(to indicate any faecal contamination) and Pseudomonas (to indicate any non-faecal contamination).

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