• Industrial Water Test Kits


Industrial Water Test Kits

May 09 2023

Uncompromisingly user-friendly and application-specific: this is the new, optimised Industrial Water Test Kit Portfolio from Lovibond®. Precisely tailored to the control routines in all applications, the mobile laboratories are designed for testing directly on-site.

Climate change, droughts, environmental disasters: Water is becoming more and more valuable. That is why there are more and more legal requirements for the handling of water, also in industry. Lovibond® supplies everything from a single source to meet the requirements precisely, to carry out targeted analyses with the highest accuracy, to save time and manpower and at the same time to protect industrial plants from cost-intensive damage. The new Lovibond® Test Kits have been specially developed for industrial use - user- and application-specific, specially adapted to the various processes.

The test kits not only contain all the test equipment, test tools and test reagents needed for monitoring boiler and cooling water, open and closed water systems or disinfection. Decades of experience in the production and design of test kits with proven analytical accuracy are also incorporated here. Everything needed for accurate test results is included in these kits.

The new Lovibond® Test Kits at a glance:

  • Boiler Water Test Kit
  • Cooling & Closed Water Test Kits
  • Disinfection Test Kits
  • Water Treatment Engineers Test Kits 
  • Single Parameter Drop Test Kits
  • Non-Oxidising Biocide Test Kits

The portfolio is complemented by proven test kit products such as:

  • Silt Density Index (SDI) Test Kit
  • Water Safety Test Kits
  • and many more

A total of 44 test kits are available. The test kits have been newly designed especially for experts in industrial water treatment. All of them contain drop tests that provide the most accurate measurement results for the required parameters. Operation is quick and easy even for non-professionals thanks to intuitive manuals with easy-to-understand pictograms. Chemical and microbiological parameters are included, covering everything that is important in industrial water applications, from biofilm and all conceivable types of corrosion to scale and raw water treatment. This comprises all reagent forms from tablets to powders to liquids, guaranteeing the highest result accuracy, including Legionella tests and dipslides for specific microbiological challenges.

With the compact and robust cases, all test kits are ready for mobile use as "mini-labs" directly on-site to ensure quick certainty and the ability to act. The essential advantage: all devices, reagents and accessories come from a single source at Lovibond®. If supplements or supplies are needed, this can be managed in the shortest possible time.

The Lovibond® website provides you with all the information and valuable background knowledge about applications and problems with industrial water, including an expert brochure on industrial water and information brochures on each Test Kit type.

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