• Focus on wastewater control with the XD spectrophotometer


Focus on wastewater control with the XD spectrophotometer

Feb 07 2023

Environment, waste, soil, hygiene: especially in wastewater control, everything comes together that is currently also affecting global politics, especially in times of crisis. This makes it all the more important to provide flexible instruments that use high-performance technology to quickly guarantee reliable results directly on site. With the spectrophotometers of the XD series from Lovibond®, all parameters can be analysed at the fast and reliable - as a system solution with laboratory quality that meets more than just the standard requirements.

The XD7000 VIS and XD7500 UV-VIS are easy to operate with intuitive user guidance, even for inexperienced users. At the touch of a button, the devices with their high-quality reference beam optics provide fast results for all important wastewater control parameters. From COD measurement to the determination of ammonium or nitrogen concentration to nitrate, nitrite or phosphate, all measurement methods are implemented in the instrument. All relevant measuring ranges are covered.

In selecting the right method, the user no longer has to take action himself: With an integrated scanner, the instrument can automatically start the right method directly from more than 160 preprogrammed methods. Barcodes on the cuvette tests allow this. Methods can also be started with an external barcode scanner and barcodes on the tube packages and in the large Lovibond® Handbook of Methods.

The additional advantages:

  • Reduction of the error potential
  • Processing of multiple calibration curves per test
  • Input of user-defined methods using multiple wavelengths

Moreover, each XD instrument can independently recognise the inserted cuvette by automatic recognition located in the measuring shaft. This includes round cuvettes with 13, 16 and 24 mm diameters and rectangular cuvettes with 10, 20 and 50 mm path length. This makes the actual measuring process much less demanding and faster. The user thus acquires a wide variety of method options. The other advantages:

  • Automatic adjustment of the wavelength range for rectangular cells
  • Increased number of measuring ranges
  • Reduced operating errors

The premium spectrophotometer and the bar-coded reagents are available from Lovibond® as a system solution from a single source. This saves additional time and costs, as does the integrated analytical quality assurance. Correct and accurate measurement results and their documentation have long been both a requirement and a challenge in most companies, above and beyond the GLP guidelines. The XD instruments meet these requirements with several functions that can be selected directly:

  • PCheck: The complete photometer is checked using the separately available Verification Standard Kit.
  • MCheck: The photometer is checked in conjunction with the method. Standard solutions with a defined analytic content are required for this procedure.
  • SCheck: The SCheck checks whether the photometric determination of other ingredients in the sample is disturbed. Each of the mentioned test options includes options for defining inspection time test intervals, indicating verified results and issuing a test report.

The XD700 and XD7500 also offer other useful functions:

  • Measurement of transmittance and absorption
  • Spectral scan
  • Kinetics analysis

Furthermore, the spectrophotometers have built-in security levels. The instruments support the assignment of passwords and the allocation of up to three different rights levels. Whether as a fixed workstation in the laboratory or for flexible work directly on site: the XD is a versatile companion for water analysis, also in many other areas of application from drinking water treatment, disinfectant control, boiler and cooling water to the beverage and food industry or the swimming pool.

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