• TECTA-PDS has been chosen as the testing solution for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic open-water events

TECTA-PDS has been chosen as the testing solution for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic open-water events

Jul 13 2021

As the anticipated start to the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan draws ever-closer, a Canadian company's proven, proprietary technology has been selected to help ensure open water athletes and staff are kept safe for the open water events during the upcoming Games.

TECTA-PDS will be the testing solution for the Olympic open-water event venues, ensuring water safety by testing for the presence of E.coli.

The Olympics and the various open water event unions chose TECTA-PDS based on 3 main factors. First, the unquestionable ability to detect the presence of E.coli faster than any other method on the market. Secondly, not having to be burdened by sending in samples to a lab, but having the ability to easily take the “lab” to the events. Finally, The ease of use. This, truly reinforcing the TECTA-PDS mantra of providing Lab grade approved results that can be done by anyone, anywhere at anytime.

In fact, it was at the Olympic qualifying triathlon event where ITU (International Triathlon Union) was testing the TECTA-PDS on site solution when a weather event drew concerns as to if the event should continue. Within hours the TECTA-PDS solution, located on site, was able to confirm high levels of E-coli present in the water. ITU quickly, to keep the athletes safe, changed the event to a Duathlon. The reference method being used at the time with the TECTA-PDS solution was able to confirm the same high levels of dangerous pathogens some 30 hours later! With IOC (International Olympic Committee) and TOCOG (Tokyo Organisation Committee of Olympic Games) all present at this event, it wasn’t long until TECTA-PDS was asked to keep all the open water events and athletes safe.

"We are thrilled that our company and products have been selected to help ensure participant and staff safety by providing rapid, on-site, accurate testing for all open-water venues during the duration of the Games,” said Douglas Wilton, President - TECTA-PDS. “The Olympics bring us all together by uniting us in the spirit of competition. We are thrilled to do our part to ensure these athletes can give their all and represent their nations in a safe environment."

TECTA-PDS previously provided the same level of safety for the athletes at the Sydney Commonwealth games. It was such a success that ITU (International Triathlon Union) has adopted TECTA-PDS as the sole tester of water for all global sanctioned events.

Although TECTA-PDS is currently providing rapid and safe testing of drinking, waste water and commercial applications in over 50 countries, within both large developed cities as well as remote developing communities, there is always a question as to whether the technology is truly as effective as a Lab conducted test which takes many hours if not days longer to conduct. The Olympics rigorous comparison of the methods and their need to ensure the safety of the world’s best athletes on the biggest sporting stage in the world proves it not only does, but exceeds all other methods.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

Access to clean, safe water is paramount.

Learn more about TECTA-PDS and how the world of water testing is changing for the better.

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