• Optical multi-analyte meter with a sting in its tail


Optical multi-analyte meter with a sting in its tail

Sep 01 2021

PyroScience’s compact FireSting-PRO is a unique single device solution for multiple analytes with up to 4 sensor heads, although 1 and 2 channel models are also available. This PC-controlled (USB) fibre-optic multi-analyte meter, can be operated with PyroScience’s complete sensor range of optical O2, pH, and temperature sensors.

The optical channels are easy to configure for several different analytes and sensors, ranging from microsensors,  with a 50 µm tip, to rugged probes with a 3 mm tip and include a wide array of smart contactless sensor solutions, ideal for measurements in closed systems or respirometry, microfluidics and complex geometries, and sensors for various ranges - full & trace range O2 and pH ranges. A precise Pt100 temperature sensor when connected to the temperature port, enables automatic zero noise and zero latency temperature compensation of the optical sensor measurements in samples with fluctuating temperatures, even for high-speed measurements.

The FireSting-PRO has enhanced ambient light suppression for applications at in-situ light conditions, as well as smart measurement modes to facilitate prolonged sensor lifetime. A number of FireSting-PRO instruments can be easily operated via a single PC in a single Pyro Workbench window, enabling scalable fibre-optic multi-parameter sensor systems with multiple (8, 16, 32, or 64 etc) channels. PyroScience have made to measuring important parameters in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility concerning analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range into a simple task.

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