• One-device solutions for oxygen, pH and temperature sensing in the lab and underwater


One-device solutions for oxygen, pH and temperature sensing in the lab and underwater

Sep 08 2021

PyroScience is a manufacturer of opto-chemical sensors and offers innovative sensor concepts to the worldwide research and industrial community, NGOs and governmental organisations. These include systems for advanced oxygen sensing based on ultra-compact stand-alone, PC-operated or OEM fibre-optic oxygen meters with a great variety of optical sensor heads, such as special sensor systems for advanced applications in organic solvents, for ultra-fast O2 measurements and for O2 gas monitoring in glove boxes. Based on a new concept, PyroScience recently introduced  the most flexible one-device solutions for O2, pH and temperature measurements in the lab (FireSting-PRO series) and underwater (AquapHOx series).

The unprecedented one-device solution FireSting-PRO is a multi-channel PC-operated fibre-optic meter for various O2, pH and temperature optical sensor formats in lab applications. Each optical channel is freely configurable for all analytes (O2, pH, T) and sensor formats, which can be easily exchanged. The sensor portfolio includes minimally invasive micro- and mini-sensors, robust probes for different analyte ranges, while contactless sensor solutions (flow-through cells, sensor spots and vials) allow for simultaneous pH, O2 & T measurements in closed set-ups. Several FireSting-PRO devices can be operated with one PC in a single Pyro Workbench window, offering scalable multi-parameter sensor systems with e.g., 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels. It has never been easier to measure important parameters in a single sample with maximum flexibility in terms of analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range.

For advanced underwater applications, PyroScience recently launched the unique all-in-one AquapHOx platform for monitoring critical parameters and their dynamics underwater; in open ocean, the deep sea, coastal ecosystems, rivers, lakes and water bodies. The revolutionary AquapHOx technology comprises various products like single analyte (O2, pH, T) shallow water long-term loggers for stand-alone operation during long monitoring approaches and transmitters with real-time data transmission for ultra-fast water column profiling. The flexible deep-sea multi-analyte logger / transmitter feature a titanium housing for operation down to 4000 m water depth and one optical channel compatible to various optical O2, pH, and temperature sensor formats with proprietary underwater connector. Besides minimal invasive micro- and mini-sensors, screw cap robust probes, smart contactless sensor solutions (flow-through cells, sensor spots with contactless read-out), they also include pH and oxygen sensor caps for different ranges and response times.

This sensor portfolio offers unmatched flexibility for multiple applications, including:

  • fast oxygen measurements for water column profiling
  • most sensitive trace O2 measurements in oxygen minimum zones or de-oxygenation events,
  • sensitive measurements of pH with neglectable impact of salinity,
  • contactless read-out of incubation chambers with integrated sensors
  • profiling in sediments and along gradients at high spatial resolution.

The cutting-edge optical sensor solutions from PyroScience are ideally suited for measurements of key analytes in various disciplines with maximum flexibility concerning analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range. Simply exchange the sensor head, choose between different analytes (pH, O2 or T) and sensor formats, and start measurements in your set-ups and applications.

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