• New Portable Analyser Package


New Portable Analyser Package

Jan 02 2008

Partech (UK) has developed a portable analyser package for monitoring nutrients or metals in wastewater effluent and river water where pollution problems have been encountered but a permanent installation cannot be justified. The package is available for hire and for purchase.

The package is based on the MicroMac 1000 analyser which employs an analysis technique that is flexible and exceptionally easy to operate. The analyser can be configured to measure up to 4 parameters which can include Aluminium, Ammonia, Iron, Nitrate, Nitrite and Phosphate with a typical measurement frequency of once per hour.

The package developed by Partech houses the analyser within a rugged field case which also contains a sample pump, heater, reagents and water supply. The package is easy to manoeuvre and can be installed and commissioned in about 30 minutes. Installations have included a wide variety of final effluent discharges on sewage and industrial effluent treatment plants, mid process measurement and river locations.

“The MicroMac 1000 has been developed for customers that have a problem site that needs investigation but does not need a permanent installation or a permanent installation is planned for the future”, says Angus Fosten, Partech’s sales and marketing director. “We will deliver and commission the package and visit it at regular intervals to keep it running. At the end of the hire period we will report on the data and remove the package.”

The system meets the needs of plant operators who have identified a suspect point on a site, such as a filter bed showing inconsistent and intermittent Ammonia removal and where composite sampling has not shown the full trend. In such circumstances, installing the analyser on the filter bed outlet enables Ammonia to be analysed at regular intervals over a period of several days and the data used to diagnose the problem. An additional benefit of the MicroMac 1000 is that it can be deployed on final effluent if there is a suspicion that the treatment works is getting close to its discharge consent levels. Data collected over a period of time can indicate the diurnal patterns and whether the problem is linked to incoming flow or any known process failures.

“The cost will vary depending on the location and the measurements being made, but will be similar to the cost of running an auto-sampler with the sample being sent away for analysis”, continues Angus Fosten. “The major advantage is that we can take multiple discrete samples and have the result available on the analyser immediately.”

This package from Partech is another example of how the company is applying its analytical and process knowledge to provide solutions to measurement problems. By taking full responsibility for installation, upkeep, removal from site and data reporting Partech are providing a hassle free service with guaranteed results.

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