• InterMET Asia International Exhibition and Conference for Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Services Comes to Singapore


InterMET Asia International Exhibition and Conference for Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Services Comes to Singapore

Feb 23 2018

InterMET Asia is a unique marketplace bringing together the global weather and climate industry with those in the public and private sectors seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change, and to understand the opportunities. This year it will take place in Singapore on 11th and 12th April.

For 2018 the focus will be on the technologies supporting extreme weather early warning systems and their application in the public and the private sectors.

InterMET will be accompanied by InterFLOOD Asia Exhibition and Conference - South East Asia's first event dedicated to managing and mitigating the risks of potentially disastrous flooding. A platform dedicated to the technical, engineering and financial solutions needed to mitigate and manage these risks and the potentially catastrophic consequences for life, business and the economy.

The 2 events complement each other perfectly. InterFLOOD will focus on the innovations in thinking, funding, technology and design of critical infrastructure, systems and processes that are resilient and adaptable to extreme weather & climate change. InterMET will focus on innovations in use of hydrometeorology technology and data to forecast extreme weather hazards and in the development and implementation of impact early warning systems across all sectors and activities

Singapore was the choice of venue for good reason. Population growth and rapid urbanisation could put 1.3 billion people and more than $150 trillion in assets at risk from river and coastal floods by 2050, with Asia as the most exposed region. 2018 marks 'the Year of Climate Action - Singapore's commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change', as Masagos Zulkifli, Singapore’s Environment and Water Resources Minister, stated recently. In addition, The recent opening of the WMO Regional Office in Singapore signals the importance of Singapore as a centre for Global Weather Enterprise in South East Asia and reinforces the growing influence of the activities associated with InterMET Asia. Singapore also offers a fast-growing market: As climate change continues to trigger more extreme weather events, NMHSs across the region are investing heavily in upgrading their weather prediction systems. The Asia-Pacific region currently constitutes more than 25% of the global weather business market

The event will consist of two International Exhibitions and Conferences in one place relevant to the growing needs of Asia with 100 key organisations participating. The World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery Special Session on Public-Private Engagement will be held on Tuesday 10 April. The focus of debate and discussion will be the evolution of the Global Weather Enterprise from a mainly product focus to a greater services orientation. Following on from InterMET and InterFlood the World Bank Workshop on the Modernisation of Hydromet Services will take place on Friday 13 April which will concentrate on major funded and planned regional projects worth $500 million

InterMET and InterFLOOD will feature a prestigious Hosted Buyer Programme toensure the attendance of the industry's top buyers, as well as a full programme of workshops covering key areas, including 'Building Business Resilience to Extreme Weather', and 'Advances in Flood Forecasting'

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