• An economical approach to quick, safe and accurate COD analysis in wastewater


An economical approach to quick, safe and accurate COD analysis in wastewater

Jul 23 2019

Measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD) is one of the most frequently performed tests for assessing water quality.  The test is widely applied in municipal wastewater facilities and industrial wastewater treatment plants to determine the degree of organic contamination in water, and to evaluate the efficiency of treatment processes.  The contamination level is determined by measuring the equivalent amount of oxygen required to oxidize organic matter in the sample.    

CHEMetrics, Inc., offers two methods (USEPA-accepted and mercury-free) for fast, simple, safe determinations of low-, mid-, and high-range COD levels in wastewater—at savings of about 30% versus competitive vials.  

Products using the USEPA-accepted method contain mercuric sulfate in the reagent to eliminate chloride interferences.  Alternatively, a more readily disposable, mercury-free product line is also offered.  It is applicable when chloride interference is not a concern and USEPA reporting is not required.

CHEMetrics® COD Vials have been reviewed and accepted as a viable and valid compliance monitoring method for the determination of chemical oxygen demand for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).    

CHEMetrics’ leakproof reagent vials contain premeasured solutions of sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate.  To perform the COD determination, the analyst simply adds sample, replaces the Teflon-lined screw cap, and heats for two hours at 150°C in a standard digestor block.

Available in standard 25- and 150-count eco-friendly packaging, CHEMetrics® COD Reagent Vials can be used with CHEMetrics photometers, and any spectrophotometer that accepts a 16 mm cell.  A generic calibration equation is included for use with other spectrophotometers.   Calibration standards to verify the accuracy of test results or to generate calibrations are available as well.  

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