• Your Gas Detection Solutions Provider in Wastewater


Your Gas Detection Solutions Provider in Wastewater

Mar 11 2015

a1-cbiss are the total gas detection solutions provider offering a wide range of gas detection instruments for use in the wastewater industry.

Gas detection is an essential part of your safety program to ensure the safety of both personnel working at wastewater treatment plants and the environment in which treated wastewater is discharged.

Water and wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat all municipal waste and purify water for it to be reused. The process of water purification results in the by-product of harmful combustible and toxic gases. Toxic gases used on site can build up in confined spaces or working environments, depleting oxygen and making those areas highly dangerous. These processes must be monitored on a continuous basis to protect both plant and personnel.

Gas exposure risks can be evaluated by measuring airborne gases in work areas to determine the exposure to personnel. Gas concentrations are measured and compared to the eight hour time weighted averages for exposure (TWA) and to recommended exposure limits for shorter time periods (less than fifteen minutes).

Fixed Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

a1-cbiss’ strength lies in engineering capabilities and project management with building and integrating fixed gas detection and alarming systems.

Detecting hazardous gases and issuing alarms are important in the protection of the wastewater facility and plant personnel. This can be done through integrating the gas detection & alarm system with Data Acquisition (DAS) and the Building Management System (BMS) using RS485 outputs, TCP/IP interfaces and programmable relays used to activate systems such as extraction fans, alarms or beacons.

Portable Gas Detectors

a1-cbiss has a wide range of portable gas detectors for specific use in the wastewater industry for the protection of personnel. Due to the wet, dark and noisy conditions, the gas detectors offer visual, vibration and flashing alarms, high protection ratings and ATEX approvals and these are all available from the a1-cbiss website.

Portable Survey Monitors

These are used to carry out assessments on site for the purpose of datalogging, odour control, sampling and boundary monitoring. PID’s are used to detect VOC’s in drinking water, wastewater, and soil or sludge samples. The OdaLog has been designed specifically for the wastewater industry offering extra protection against nasty toxic gases which allows it to continuously log data in dosing and odour control processes for much longer than traditional detectors. Boundary monitors are used to continuously measure gas clouds within a site perimeter.

Gastec Gas Detector Tubes

Gastec gas detector tubes are perfect for carrying out instant measurements within wastewater plants. The gas detection tube system is the most cost-effective yet most simple method of gas detection that can be used to detect all of the present gases in wastewater applications including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, mercaptans, chlorine and sulphur dioxide.

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