• A Certified Automated Measuring System for Continuous Stack  and Process Monitoring

Stack Monitoring

A Certified Automated Measuring System for Continuous Stack  and Process Monitoring

Sep 27 2016

Since January 6. 2011, the emissions from combustion plants within the European Union must be continuously monitored according to the stipulations of the European directive 2010/75/EU of November 24. 2010. This directive, however incorporates and updates a number of already existing national directives like the German 13.BimSchV (LCPD 2001/80/EG) and 17.BimSchV (WID 2000/76/EU).

The automatic emission monitoring systems required must comply with EN 14181 which comprises of three quality classes (QAL1 to QAL3) and an annual function check (AST).

The idea behind this regulation is to standardise methods and equipment in order to obtain comparable results all across the European Union which normally may differ because of the type of analysis system related reasons.

Consequently, only analysis systems approved and certified according to EN 15267 are accepted by the supervising bodies. This certification confirms that the gas analysis systems have a standardised basic concept and apply approved analysis methods. Adoptions to the different application requirements are achieved by equally certified system modules.

Bühler Technologies (Germany), is now able to offer upon request certified systems for automated continuous stack and process monitoring. These system packages are designed according to EN 14181 Qal-1 (approved to DIN EN ISO 14956) and certified according to EN 15267-3.

The offered extractive gas analysis systems consists of a cabinet containing the sample conditioning equipment, the analyser and the controls plus the also certified sample probe for installation at the stack or process stream. In place the probe and the system will be connected via a heated sample line. For applications which may require monitoring more than the standard components CO, NO(NOx),SO2 and O2, an additional analyser can be installed optionally.

The equipment is certified for safe areas and sample gases free from combustible or explosive components. The dust load should not exceed approx. 2g per m³.

The cabinet is made from steel, comes with a transparent door and has a protection class of IP 54 according to EN 60529. The system is self-monitoring; the condensate removed from the sample gas is stored in an intermediate tank with level control.

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