• A proud heritage of precision gas sampling technology on show at CEM ‘23

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A proud heritage of precision gas sampling technology on show at CEM ‘23

Jul 18 2023

CEM 2023 exhibitors, Buehler Technologies, have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions for gas analysis for over half a century. By specialising in this market niche and by offering a complete range of products for this sector, Buehler has succeeded in becoming a worldwide leader in this discipline.

Among the products on show on the Buehler stand will be their highly acclaimed sample gas probes: the GAS 222.21 (pictured above) for applications with a high dust load and GAS 222.27, for low dust loads. These precision devices were developed to provide exceptional performance and reliability in harsh environments.

The GAS 222.21 and GAS 222.27 feature a robust weather protection system, ensuring optimal functionality even in adverse weather conditions. Equipped with an in-situ filter and blowback system, this probe offers efficient filtration to safeguard the accuracy and longevity of gas analysis.

A standout feature of the GAS 222.21 is its heated design, enabling temperature adjustments of up to 200 °C / 392 °F. This enables operators to fine-tune the temperature according to their specific requirements and ensure accurate and consistent measurements. The GAS 222.27 offers reliable operation at temperatures up to 180 °C, with a low temperature alarm set to 140 °C.

With compatibility for both 115/230 V power sources, these probes are suitable for operation worldwide. The base unit offers a solid foundation for the probe's operation, while the weather hood enhances resilience for operation in challenging outdoor conditions.

The GAS 222.21 and 222.27 include a heater with an electronic regulator, guaranteeing accurate temperature control, while the limit outputs and insulation enhance safety and efficiency, ensuring the utmost protection during operation.

These probes’ user-friendly design allows for easy replacement of the safety filter without the need for any tools. This convenient feature streamlines maintenance and reduces downtime, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Also, on the Buehler stand will be the TC Standard and RC Gas Cooler Series which offer superb performance and reliability. With pre-installed configuration and seamless connectivity, these gas coolers streamline installation and minimises downtime. These compact solutions provide easy accessibility, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved operational efficiency.

For compliance and safety requirements, the TC-Standard offers optional CE mark or FM approval. Users can also enhance functionality with optional accessories such as moisture detectors, filters, and condensate pumps, further improving performance and reliability.

In many analytical processes, extracting sample gas from the process is crucial. However, this can introduce contaminants such as particles or moisture, which can compromise measurement precision and damage sensitive measuring cells. The TC-Standard and RC Gas Cooler Series address this challenge by conditioning the sample gas before it enters the analyser.

By reducing the gas temperature below the dew point, the gas cooler effectively remove moisture, which is then discharged as condensate. This ensures that the sample gas is clean and ready for precise analysis, leading to reliable measurements and prolonged instrument lifespan.

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