• New, Low Investment, Portable Infrared Detector for Natural Gas and LPG Leak Detection

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New, Low Investment, Portable Infrared Detector for Natural Gas and LPG Leak Detection

Nov 11 2015

The Catex™ 3-IR detector from GAZOMAT™ introduces a new generation of portable gas detectors using Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology for higher performances in gas concentration measurement, atmosphere measurement, leak localisation and leak survey.

The detector has just been authorised for use by GrDF, the French gas distribution network operator, as part of its policy to use only passive measurement instruments with optical technology for future projects.

Thanks to infrared (IR) sensor advances and major system improvements engineered by GAZOMAT, this next-generation detector overcomes the limitations of both standard detection and conventional IR technologies.

  • The Catex 3-IR detector offers highly stable and reliable measurements:
    • IR sensors are totally immune to poisonous compounds present in methane (CH4) or propane (C3H8).
    • GAZOMAT’s major thermalisation innovation - in the form of a specially built-in thermal compensation device - offsets great temperature variations and prevents condensation formation on the optics.
    • Continuous self-diagnostics (failsafe) halt the detector in case of a serious error and prevent false measurements.
  • Its compact and rugged design is perfectly suited to harsh working conditions in the field.
  • Pre-configured detection modes are accessible via an intuitive interface, making it easy to switch between applications: on-foot survey (1-10,000 PPM), job intervention safety checks (0%-100% Gas Volume), explosion risk analysis (1% - 100% LEL), leak localisation and leak detection inside or outside buildings (1 PPM – 100% Gas Volume).
  • Maintenance is greatly simplified. The factory pre-calibrated IR measurement cell functions as a stand-alone component. Its replacement requires no re-calibration of the unit nor special tools. This means the detector is immediately operational and ownership costs are significantly reduced.
  • Device autonomy up to 24 hours, low power consumption and long sensor life maximize device availability.

With the Catex 3-IR unit, GAZOMAT launches a line of portable infrared detectors offering technological advances and superior performance for a very competitive investment.

Learn more about detection solutions here.

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