• Northern Ireland Water selects wearable gas monitors to keep workers connected in real time – even underground
    Members of the Northern Ireland Water team are pictured more than 40 metres underground in a terminal pumping station in Belfast.

Personal Gas Detector

Northern Ireland Water selects wearable gas monitors to keep workers connected in real time – even underground

Aug 31 2023

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) has recently purchased more than 700 connected wearable devices from Blackline Safety for its frontline workers.

NI Water has opted for Blackline Safety’s G7c wearable cloud-connected multi-gas monitors, featuring integrated cellular connectivity and location technology to enable them to detect the presence of dangerous gases and acquire gas readings in real-time, with integral two-way communication, even for personnel operating deep underground.

Jason Devine, Senior Technical Trainer of NI Water stated “NI Water’s priority is the safety and well-being of our staff, and while we operate to high industry safety standards, we are always seeking new technology and innovative solutions to increase safety and eliminate potential risks. The real-time visibility provided by the Blackline devices, combined with GPS location, messaging and indoor location compatible capabilities were key features to augment safety across our organisation.”

G7c is the world’s first 3G-connected gas detector with built-in, real-time, lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools. The devices are fully scalable and supported by Blackline Live, Blackline Safety’s dynamic, cloud-connected monitoring and data analytics platform, the technology allows organisations to view their workers’ locations and gas readings in the field and configure their devices in real-time, via any internet-connected device, no matter how remote the location.

These instruments watch over workers automatically and call for assistance as soon as it is needed. If a gas leak, fall or no-motion event is detected, the assisted GPS capability guides responders directly to the worker. The G7c provides full-view insights for rapid and reliable emergency responses, giving rescue teams all of the necessary details for successful rescues in difficult and dangerous environments.

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