• Next Generation Multifunctional Gas Detectors Released

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Next Generation Multifunctional Gas Detectors Released

Jan 19 2015

Gas instrument manufacturer Esders GmbH (Germany) announces the market launching of the second generation of SIGI EX, their multifunctional gas leak detector. A handheld unit used for leak pinpointing, hazard monitoring and/or purge analysis, SIGI EX has consistently proven its worth in everyday use by utilities companies, pipeline installers and biogas producers alike. Putting this field experience to good use, Esders has now developed a new version with improved sensor technologies and adjustment
capabilities as well as an expanded service temperature range of -20°C to +50°C.

"With the new version of SIGI EX, we offer our customers a rugged and versatile detector incorporating state-of-the-art sensors, ample power capacity and advanced display technologies", explains Bernd Esders, Managing Director of Esders GmbH. The multi-functional detector provides reliable performance in wide-ranging applications Seite 2 von 3 including leak surveys with ppm readings, gas-alert alarms with % LEL thresholds and purge monitoring with vol % readings. 

Optional features are available for checking line pressures, e.g. for calibration and inspection of pressure control systems. SIGI EX is also well suited for conventional detection tasks such as recognition of explosion hazards and leakage.

Responding to industry needs with expanded menu options and superb user-friendliness, the new SIGI EX is a problem-solver par excellence. Its 128 x 64 pixel LCD graphic display screen, 44% larger than before, incorporates white and red backlighting for eyecatching visual alarms. Hideable pictogram displays indicate battery charge level, alarm status, data transmission, data logging and the application category at hand in accordance with DGVW Worksheet G 465-4. Useful information such as peak gas concentrations and projected leakage volumes can be displayed and correlated with specific application types. All menu items are accompanied by easyto-understand plain text explanations. Like other instruments in the
Esders product portfolio, SIGI EX is operated exclusively via intuitive menu navigation by means of two function keys. This simplicity of design provides the basis for extreme ease of operation. Quick and
easy to change, the rechargeable power pack of the unit offers increased power capacity which translates to roughly one-third more operating time between charges. As Bernd Esders emphasises: "Further development of SIGI EX focused on three factors: simplicity, rugged design and user-friendliness.“

The intake probe and its integrated sampling pump are specifically designed to rapidly detect flammable gases and display results with Seite 3 von 3 minimum lag time. An integrated, easily changeable filter protects the detector system from intruding moisture and dust. Ergonomically designed, SIGI EX’s heavy-duty aluminium housing can withstand rough treatment in outdoor site use and still come back for more.

Application-specific accessories such as flexible sampling probes with quick-change connectors, test adapters and charging units with 12 V and 230 V mains capability round out the broad range of
options available to users. 

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