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Leak Testing Goes Online with Live Cloud Technology

Sep 25 2014

Esders GmbH (Germany) announces the market launching of Esders LIVE cloud technology. Esders LIVE utilises automated data storage and processing by a central server to provide virtual real-time availability of leak test data taken on site. Used to support pressure tests and leak rate surveys, LIVE accelerates workflow as a whole starting with acceptance inspection and going right on through to invoicing. The automated data stream also eliminates error sources typically encountered in monitoring, reporting, transmission and evaluation of data taken on sites.

"Esders LIVE provides users maximum independence and flexibility in test data storage and retrieval", explains Bernd Esders, Managing Director of Esders GmbH. In many instances, pipeline leak testing involves on-site storage of data readings in the test instrument which are retrieved at week's end in the office or transferred by means of an USB flash drive. As a result, evaluation of results and their documentation in reports can require much work as well as time-consuming administration.

Esders GmbH has already smoothed the way considerably in this regard with their EBTM Esders Bluetooth Module which enables readout of test data and direct transmission from the survey site. With their new cloud technology, Esders goes a step further. Esders LIVE makes data readings available simultaneously to all involved parties, either on site or at remote locations using any internet-capable computer or mobile Android terminal. Bernd Esders adds: "For service providers, gas works and pipeline installers, this translates to significant time savings and big cost advantages".

Esders LIVE makes use of a dedicated app for data exchange between the test instrument, whether Bluetooth-equipped or combined with an EBTM Esders Bluetooth Module, and the server. Installation of local software is not required as data in Esders LIVE are available to any terminal with browser-based web access. The user sends the test readings to the server by means of the EBTM module and an Android device. Remote data readout from the server and supply of user-defined test documentation from the server are realized by the same path. The completed test report is displayed in PDF file format directly on the terminal. The display is normally sufficient for acceptance inspection purposes, i.e. paper print-outs are not required on site in most cases. In addition to the test reports, the test data are also available online for inspection as necessary. Automatic updates are provided to ensure that the latest Esders LIVE version is in use at all times. Esders LIVE also fulfills high standards in the area of data security: The test data is transmitted in encoded form and processed and stored exclusively in TÜV-certified computer centres located in Germany.

Esders GmbH will present Esders LIVE along with their wide-ranging portfolio of testing and detection technologies in Booth D3 at the gat Symposium in Karlsruhe / Germany. Company founder and Managing Director Bernd Esders will give a presentation entitled "Gas Surveys Go Online" in the exhibitors' forum on 1 October 2014 at 12:00.

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