• A reliable solution to groundwater and deep water discrete interval sampling

Groundwater Monitoring

A reliable solution to groundwater and deep water discrete interval sampling

Jun 02 2021

Solinst Canada Ltd. have just launched their brand new Model 425-D Deep Sampling Discrete Interval Sampler. This instrument is the solution for sampling groundwater and open water bodies from submerged depths down to 1,200 m (or 4,000 feet). 

Discrete interval sampling offers the ideal method for achieving accurate water samples and for obtaining samples of product (LNAPL and DNAPL). It is the ideal solution for groundwater samples taken from below an oil or product blanket on the water’s surface. 

This technology is also utilised to profile open bodies of water, open boreholes and screened wells, as well as collecting samples from specific levels/points of inflow. The issue of blending of water from different levels is minimal. 

Solinst’s new sampler is regarded as a no-purge (or zero-purge or passive) sampler. These types of groundwater samplers have gained acceptance by many international regulatory bodies for obtaining extremely precise samples.

Model 425-D is a stainless-steel groundwater sampler, with LDPE tubing attached to a user-friendly Solinst reel. The reel features a pressure attachment for use with a high-pressure hand pump, as well as a pressure/vent switch that reduces or increases the pressure on the sampler.

Weights are attached to the top of the groundwater sampler before lowering to avoid buoyancy. when the sampler has reached the required sampling depth, it is pressurised. Thanks to the principles of hydraulics, the pressure pushes the top of a piston inside the sampler, thus overpowering the hydrostatic pressure affecting the bottom of the piston, which has a smaller surface area, enabling sample water to enter.

Once the sample has been collected, the pressure is released and the piston reseals at the bottom of the sampler. The sealed groundwater sampler is then brought back to the surface whilst preserving the chemical stability of the sample.

This highly reliable groundwater sampler is also available with 1", 1.66" and 2" diameters, using the same tubing reel and high-pressure hand pump to operate. This is perfect for sampling from submerged depths as low as 90 m (300 ft).  

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