• Innovative Gas Detection Based on the Smartalert<sup>tm</sup>

Gas Detection

Innovative Gas Detection Based on the Smartalerttm

Apr 01 2008

The smartALERTâ„¢ by smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH (Germany) is an innovative low cost gas warning device for domestic and industrial
application. Therefore the unit meets the requirement for the EN 50194 and the ATEX Zone 2 and is certified by an independent agency.
SmartGAS uses the latest Infrared Sensor Technology (smartMODULâ„¢) for the smartALERTâ„¢ , in order to make sure that the long-term stability is sufficient for a false alarm free operation. The guaranteed lifetime is more than 10 years.
A unique feature is the event-driven speech instruction. Especially in private homes and small companies the people are not skilled for gas
leak situations. The smartALERTâ„¢tells the people the appropriate behaviour at different gas levels, like Pre-Alarm (7 % LEL), Main-Alarm (14% LEL), Explosion-Level (100% LEL) and so forth. Different versions of the smartALERTâ„¢ for Methane (natural gas), Propane/Butane (LPG),
Acetylene (welding), BIOGAS and Carbon Dioxide (Air Quality) are already available. In larger buildings it is possible to create a network of up to 6 Units (e.g. 1 smartALERTâ„¢ and 5 Extensions).
Furthermore the smartALERTâ„¢ is tamper-proof, has a Logbook function, Self Function Test, a solenoid valve control and digital outputs.

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