• Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple H2 Detection Solution for Hydrogen Energy Systems

Gas Detection

Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple H2 Detection Solution for Hydrogen Energy Systems

Dec 05 2023

IGD’s most recent case study demonstrates the implementation of Hydrogen gas detection systems for Creo International, a UK based Hydrogen energy system manufacturer and installer. IGD were able to find a cost effective and perfectly suited system for their needs. Red on below to find out more.

Why did Creo need Gas Detection?

Hydrogen is very explosive between 4% and 75% in the atmosphere, making even the smallest leak a huge hazard. And due to Creo implementing large quantities of Hydrogen into their systems, it was vital to keep their team and their customers safe.

Creo required a system that would be in line with RS485 capabilites and has high sensitivity, ensuring they could effectively integrate it into their existing EMS system. Additionally, they needed Hydrogen sensors that could withstand harsh weather, as the sensors would be placed outside with the energy generation devices in IP55 rated cabinets.

Finally, Creo were also looking for a manufacturer of H2 detection that could demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in the Hydrogen economy and the gas detection industry to provide them with training on their devices.

IGD’s Hydrogen Gas Detection Solution

IGD provided Creo with the TOC-635 Plus equipped with pre-calibrated TOC-750 Safe Area hydrogen sensors and, Beacon Sounders. Backed by over a century of knowledge in gas detection.

The TOC-635 Plus is the ideal solution for small applications. The illuminated jog wheel and built in slam switch provide everything clients need in one place, making it simpler to use with minimal training requirements.

What’s more, its plug and play capabilities and auto-system setup drastically decreases set up time. Making it possible to set up the gas detection system with just the click of a button.

The TOC-635-Plus can be equipped with IoT capabilities, allowing for remote alarm notifications and easy integration into existing BMS systems.

TOC-750 Safe Area Hydrogen sensors can detect extremely low levels, making them ideal for this application. Since Hydrogen can become flammable at very low levels, it is vital to ensure that in applications such as these that it is detected as soon as the leak occurs, as the smallest spark can cause an explosion. IGD’S 0-1000ppm Hydrogen sensors were ideal, as they can provide accurate detection at levels as low as 0.1ppm.

What was the outcome?

Creo were extremely happy with how simple the system was to install they decided to install the system themselves, saving the time and costs of hiring an installation team.

Brad Arnold, a Hydrogen Consultant at Creo, had this to say about the system we provided:

“Our search for a reliable, cost effective and simple H2 detection solution brought us to IGD. Their ultra responsive and helpful customer service, and technical teams were critical components in the seamless integration of their technology into our projects, ensuring the safe operation of our hydrogen systems for our clients.”

Contact IGD today to find out more about our Hydrogen Solutions.

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