• Reliable stability for an industry in motion

Gas Detection

Reliable stability for an industry in motion

Sep 12 2023

Mobility is certainly one of the most important industries on the planet, with cars still at the forefront of personal transportation. However, its constantly changing and innovative nature demands fast-paced evolution of not just the automotive technology itself, but anyone working with the industry as well. This, of course, includes safety concepts in manufacturing. GfG offers modern gas detection devices to monitor production processes throughout the automobile industry.

Manufacturing processes in the automobile industry are incredibly diverse, with the production of each part often encompassing numerous steps at different points throughout the production site. Many of these steps include potential dangers: from working in confined spaces or being exposed to emission (CO, CO2, NO, NO2), vapours of paints and varnishes, test gases or different fuels, to being at risk of oxygen deficiency. While employees and plant managers alike are of course always working to minimise the dangers of these hazardous work environments, they cannot be eliminated completely. GfG’s gas detection systems provide safety where other measures would not suffice.

We offer fixed gas detection systems as well as portable gas detectors for individual safety. Our fixed systems consist of a controller and as many transmitters as you need to cover the area of use. For smaller plants, the compact GMA22-M with four connected transmitters might be perfectly adequate. For more expansive facilities, with numerous different measuring points and diverse requirements, the GMA200-MW16 may be more suitable. It can communicate with up to 16 digital or analog transmitters, ensuring that you are prepared for any eventualities. It comes with six freely programmable internal relays to implement safety measures and can additionally be equipped with up to 64 external ones using optional relay modules.

Should your production include processes that see workers entering potentially dangerous environments alone or there are situations in which unforeseen increases in gas concentration may endanger individual workers, portable gas detectors are essential in ensuring their safety. If you need to monitor one or two specific gases, the small and lightweight Micro 5 will be a reliable choice. For areas of use with potential hazards from multiple gases, our multi-gas detectors of the G888 and G999 series are versatile solutions that will alert you to sudden changes in the concentration of up to eight different gases.

The right gas detection system for your application depends on many factors, including potentially present gases and vapors, the available level of ventilation, whether work must be done in confined spaces, if there are any potentially explosive zones in the area and many more. We therefore highly recommend discussing your requirements with one of our experts.

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