• A versatile solution for monitoring gases – especially in the semiconductor industry

Gas Detection

A versatile solution for monitoring gases – especially in the semiconductor industry

Dec 07 2022

Modern screen technology, photovoltaic systems and the mobility of the future – these are only a few of the many applications using semiconductors as an essential component. The spectrum of gases used in the semiconductor manufacturing process is just as extensive as the areas of applications they can be used in. A versatile gas detection system for monitoring these gases is therefore exactly what this industry needs. GfG's D-ReX is the most suitable solution for this problem.

One solution for three different approaches

There are different detection methods you can use for monitoring the gases in your manufacturing process, depending on which gas you want to monitor at which step of the production chain. That’s why the D-ReX is available in three different versions. The D-ReX PoU uses diffusion to monitor the ambient air around the Point of Use for toxic, corrosive or combustible gases as well as the oxygen concentration. The D-ReX PoI also uses diffusion to measure gases, but does so via a remote sensor that can detect gases up to 30 meters away, at its Point of Installation. This way, areas that are hard or impossible to reach (such as pipe systems) can be reliably analyzed too. The D-ReX PoS makes use of its integrated pump to extract gases at the Point of Sampling and allows you to analyze them in a safe environment.

A new gas detection system that raises the bar

Regardless of which of the three solutions – or which combination thereof – you choose for your application, all D-ReX versions come with state-of-the-art equipment, that satisfies even the highest standards. They can communicate either via network interface (PoE capable), 4-20mA signal transmission or digital Bus infrastructure (RS-485). The 2.4” TFT screen displays all information clearly, easy to read and in color. The D-ReX can be controlled and serviced using an app via Bluetooth connection.

Options for more safety

The D-ReX can be equipped with five optional relays (one changeover contact each) which ensure the immediate implementation of safety measures. 16 further relays can be connected using an external GfG relay module. If you plan to use the D-ReX in an application operating on LonWorks infrastructure, it can optionally be equipped with a LonWorks interface. The D-ReX PoI’s remote sensor can also be mounted onto pipes using a flange saddle, thus enabling measurements inside the otherwise inaccessible pipes. The D-ReX PoS can also optionally support Line Integrity Monitoring.

Reliable sensors for a variety of gases

We developed the D-ReX specifically for the requirements of the semiconductor industry. At launch, sensors for approximately 40 gases will be available to order. To enable detection of an even wider range of gases, we are currently developing the Py-ReX pyrolyzer module. The smart sensors come in preconfigured and hot-swap capable cartridges which can be replaced quickly and easily – without any additional tools. Due to its specifications and the ability to monitor gases in different ways, the D-ReX can be utilized to increase the level of occupational safety in a variety of different industries.

If you would like to learn more about the D-ReX or receive a free consultation, please contact one of our experts.

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