• Bio Gas Monitor Adds to Range of Flow Sample Systems

Gas Detection

Bio Gas Monitor Adds to Range of Flow Sample Systems

Jul 23 2013

Amongst GDS Technologies (UK) newest innovations, the GDS308 is the latest addition to its range of flow sample systems, specifically designed for the bio gas market.

Designed for the monitoring of CH4, H2S, CO2 and O2, the GDS308 can be operated in such applications as Biogas Plants, Landfill Sites, Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Water Plants offering Fuel Gas Monitoring.

The cutting edge technology of the GDS308 allows the monitoring of up to four gas types by sample extraction along a 250m maximum common sample line. The control unit provides gas level readouts with two alarm stages and a range of signal and data outputs for logging, annunciator and control functions. Operator interface and calibration are intuitive providing simple installation and maintenance requirements for the monitor. The GDS308 can also offer its user comprehensive self-check fault monitoring along with event logging RS232 output and Modbus RTU RS485 data. During normal operation the LCD screen continuously displays four line alpha and numeric data, indicating all functions and status in text. In addition the design has an internal cab gas sensor that will cut power to the system in case of an explosive leak being detected within the cabinet. Other optional features include: repeater panel with button control, giving an option to view the display information within 1km. An over housing can be provided, giving an option of IP66 rating (an increase on the standard IP63). Sample line maintenance is achieved by automatic line blow back, utilising instrument air with line blockage and pump failure monitoring. The flexible design of the GDS308 can also include the ability to add external relays for local control, up to 1km from the main control panel.

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