• Get Help Choosing a Confined Space Detector...and benefit from our trade-in programme

Gas Detection

Get Help Choosing a Confined Space Detector...and benefit from our trade-in programme

Sep 14 2016

Portable confined space gas detectors are required to determine safe levels of hazardous gas prior to entry into a confined space and during works.

A confined space can be defined as an area large enough for someone to enter and work in but:

  • Has limited restriction of entry/exit
  • Volume of less than 100m3
  • No means of ventilation
  • Below two metres in length, width and height

Typically these detectors measure four gases - Combustible gases (LEL), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). These devices are generally worn directly on the worker’s clothing or attached to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), close to the worker’s breathing area.

Why use a confined space gas detector?
When the gas concentration exceeds a pre-set alarm event on the multi-gas detecting device, it will alarm (by visual, audible and/or motion). This gives workers the confidence to work safely within a hazardous area and react directly to risks once they arise.

How do I choose a confined space gas detector?
There are many product attributes to consider when purchasing a confined space gas detector. Some will be more relevant than others. It all depends on your personal preference or what your application demands. We’ve explained the main attributes which should help you to find the most appropriate confined space gas detector.

Consult our product selection guide to learn more about the various types of multi-gas detectors.

a1-cbiss stock a range of confined space gas detectors designed to meet the various clients’ requirements. Low cost gas detectors are available for those who need basic gas detection up to more advanced, higher cost detectors for those who have strict safety programs.

Special Offers
a1-cbiss are offering the opportunity for companies to trade-in their old confined space detectors (4-gas) detectors for new detectors. The trade-in also includes a one-year calibration contract* worth £60. Read more.

Buyers Guide
a1-cbiss have created a buyers’ guide which guides you through the important factors to consider when buying a Confined Space Gas Detector. Consult our product selection guide

Product Training
a1-cbiss gas detection specialists are BW, RAE, ISC and Scott Safety service trained, therefore we’ll assist you with any product training requirements anywhere in the UK. It’s just part of the service a1-cbiss provide.

Contact a1-cbiss on +44 (0)151 321 0278 or visit the website.

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