• 3 Reasons to Use Gas Detector Tubes in the Waste Water Industry

Gas Detection

3 Reasons to Use Gas Detector Tubes in the Waste Water Industry

Jan 14 2015

When sourcing gas detection, it can be confusing. What measures my target gas? Will I need training? Can it be used in an explosive atmosphere? Then there’s the problem of trying to find a solution within your price range.

With gas detection tubes, that process is simple...

Gas detector tubes are easy to use, are low cost, and the method is intrinsically safe, allowing them to be deployed in the wastewater industry. Because gas detector tubes don’t require calibration, users see the benefits of this technology over electronic gas detectors due to their ease of use.

Crack both ends of the detector tube, insert into the detection pump and draw the gas sample...easy!

  1. Not sure which gases to monitor? No problem
    Gas detector tubes are perfect for any newcomers to gas detection or for those who are looking for a cost effective solution to gas detection where they don't know which hazardous gases are present. We have a multi-contaminant detector tube that quickly identifies present gases. This gives you greater insight into what is in the environment so when you know which gas you are looking for, you can confidently buy the correct detector tube for ongoing analysis.
  2. Determine levels of hazardous gases quickly
    The gas detector tube system is a complete sampling and analysis system for determining levels of hazardous gases such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia concentrations quickly and easily. The majority of activities that the detector tube system is used for is to carry out spot sampling e.g. to determine the level of hazardous gases present on-site. Whether that is in a confined space or near to where there is likely to be a build up of chemicals, gas detector tubes measure the present levels at that moment in time. 
  3. Low cost gas detection
    Following the initial one-off outlay of purchasing an air sampling pump for about £185, the only ongoing consumable cost is for the glass gas tubes. The gas detector tubes are low cost with a pack of 10 tubes costing in the region of around £30. Look out for suppliers that offer detection tubes at one consistent price which makes it easier for procurement processes. The detector tube systems is low cost compared to other forms of gas intrinsically safe gas detection techniques.

Read our Guide to Gas Detector Tubes, click here to read it

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