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Gas detection in semiconductor manufacturing

Oct 10 2023

Semiconductors are essential for the modern technological world. Their advantages have expedited development of crucial components in many different industries, from computing to communications and from logistics to LED lighting. But manufacturing them is a difficult and highly dangerous undertaking: with many different toxic, corrosive or combustible substances used, workers in the business are facing many different risks every day. Gas detection is therefore crucial to ensure workplace safety, but the detection system in place needs to be versatile enough to accommodate many different areas of applications. That’s where GfG’s new D-ReX system shines.

Introducing the D-ReX series

The D-ReX is a modern standalone gas detection solution. It was developed specifically for the challenging requirements of the semiconductor industry and is available in three different versions, ensuring you will find one that perfectly suits the needs of your individual application.

The three versions are named for their measuring method: The PoU uses diffusion to monitor gases directly at the Point of Use. The PoI’s external sensor can be installed in places that are hard to reach and up to 30 meters away from the Point of Installation. The PoS version will take samples from a chosen Point of Sampling and then let you analyze them in a safe environment.

The D-ReX series is equipped with state-of-the-art communication, sensor and display technology and facilitates easy servicing using the GfG app.

A new level of versatility

Offering three different base units to choose from is a good starting point, but as a business with more than 60 years of gas detection experience, GfG knows that this might not be enough. We know that each application comes with very individual requirements and challenges. That’s why we have also developed a wide range of optional add-ons and accessories which can be used to customize your D-ReX even further. These options include internal relays for the implementation of safety measures (e.g. ventilation systems, local acoustic and visual warnings or locking mechanisms), a LonWorks interface for integrating the device seamlessly into your LonWorks-based system or enhancement options specific to the different models, such as line integrity monitoring for the PoS or a flange saddle for the PoI.

The most recent addition to our add-on catalogue is the Py-ReX pyrolyzer module which allows the D-ReX to detect even those gases which cannot be detected by normal means as they are too chemically inactive to be measured reliably. With this large selection of customization options, you are sure to find the perfect D-ReX for your application.

If you would like to find out more about the D-ReX series or discuss the best choice of device for your production plant, our product specialists are glad to offer you a free consultation.

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