• New Fast GC for Trace-Level Analysis with High Sample Throughput

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New Fast GC for Trace-Level Analysis with High Sample Throughput

Jul 21 2010

Shimadzu (Germany) presents its new GC-2010 Plus. The GC-2010 Plus now features new aspects in High-End-Technology. Featuring the specially designed AFT (Advanced Flow Technology), the GC-2010 Plus combines highest separation efficiency with increased productivity and reduced analysis time.

Advanced Flow Technology is based on four systems to further enhance efficiency and productivity of a GC: In Multidimensional GC (MDGC) two capillary columns with different separation mechanisms are coupled. MDGC systems separate and quantitate compounds in difficult matrices e.g. petrochemical (e.g. oxygenates in petrol) or food samples (e.g. aroma compounds); When the target compounds have eluted from the column, the back flush system reduces analysis time by reversing the flow of the carrier gas and flushing high boiling point compounds back through the split vent; and To transfer the effluent from the column to two different detectors (e.g. FID and EDC) the detector splitting system is applied. A mass spectrometer can also be used as second detector. In the detector switching system different detectors can be selected easily.

Free-of-charge Advanced Flow Technology Software controls all parts of the AFT in combination with GCsolution and GCMSsolution software.

Compressing processes and saving time are important goals for an analytical laboratory. Total analysis time determines the sample throughput that can be achieved. Fast GC with narrow bore columns as well as the possibility to operate two analytical flow lines in one GC independently of each other decreases the total analysis time. Additionally, the GC-2010 Plus features an improved oven cooling using a double-jet cooling system to increase the dynamic heat flow to the environment.

In food safety or in the detection of poisonous substances a lower threshold value often does not exist. Trace-level amounts, therefore, need to be detected unambiguously and with high precision. The GC-2010 Plus detects and identifies trace-level amounts through its new family of best-in-class detectors utilizing the latest technology (e.g. FID and FPD) with world-leading sensitivity.

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