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P S Analytical Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

Mar 03 2008

In 2008 P S Analytical (UK) celebrates its 25th anniversary as one of the leading suppliers of Instrumentation and Technology in the Environmental Market. P S Analytical is proud to be ISO 9001:2000 certified and to provide online systems which meet international standards.
P S Analytical specializes in the supply of instrumentation for ultra-low level determination and the speciation of environmentally important
such as mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth, matrices and applications include water, soils, sludges, effluents and gases.
PSA provides systems tailored for customer requirements with worldwide applications support, technical assistance and full-service back up.
PSA’s continuing research and development programme has led to major breakthroughs in many applications. PSA produces a range of process analytical instruments to measure mercury in fossil fuels, notably coal fired stack emissions and natural gas plants which offer systems capable of providing both measurement and control facilities. PSA has designed suitable sampling systems which present the sample to the
measurement device and which are fully representative of the sample matrix. For both applications PSA developed a unique calibration system which is traceable to NIST standards.
This not only enables the instrument to be checked periodically but also ensures the integrity of the sample to be validated.
As part of its ongoing product development P S Analytical has achieved ATEX EC-Type certification permitting our online mercury measurement system for natural gas to be installed in Category 2 IIC T4 designated areas.
The procedure used for the measurement of mercury by atomic fluorescence follows the ASTM 6350-98 and ISO 6978-2 procedures and the PSA 10.670 is specifically configured for the petrochemical industry. The system which has found widespread application is based upon the
PSA Sir Galahad instrument and can be readily tailored to individual customer requirements specifically to handle natural gas and liquefied
natural gas measurements. P S Analytical’s expertise allows measurements to be made at various stages of the process and also enables the user to control mercury removal techniques to enable the plant to provide products within the low levels of mercury in the material and to achieve a better sales price of that product.
Systems have been installed worldwide since 2001 and these have been operated on a continuous basis using P S Analytical proprietary
calibration devices to keep the instrumentation fully calibrated and minimizing operator intervention with the system. Where clients are
unsure if they have a requirement for continuous online system the PSA 10.537 Pressure Let Down System can be used to carry out preliminary tests on the Hg levels. This system is suitable for use in hazardous areas and is the accepted industry standard for this type of measurement.

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