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P S Analytical and Mercury Determinations

Jan 25 2018

From humble beginnings when it was founded in 1983, P S Analytical (PSA) now operates globally to resource all scientists who have an interest in accurate determination of mercury and its compounds.

In fact PSA operates within very niche markets that focus on the use of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS) as a means of detection. Only a handful of elements can be usefully determined by AFS and PSA has been working with these elements (Hg, As, Se, Sb and Bi) since our foundation over 30 years ago. In summary we are focussed on a small number of analytes and we utilise the remarkable power of AFS for ultimate detection performance. This is our core competency and a compelling combination that provides targeted and exceptional analytical results.

Using our collective knowledge and experience PSA has designed and developed iconic analysers such as the Merlin, Sir Galahad and the Excalibur systems. These systems continue to be held in high esteem for their performance, reliability, robustness, ease of operation and value for money. These attributes are hallmarks of the PSA brand.

But our expertise does not stop with these analysers. All manner of sample handing accessories are available to handle/pre-treat and present a representative sample for analysis. Accessories and modules have been developed for high temperature and pressure process gases/liquids, particulate laden and wet stack gases, mixed phase petrochemical samples, LNG, LPG applications, separation and chromatographic solutions for speciation studies.

This holistic approach to the overall analysis has culminated in the design and roll out of our online range of analysers that are capable of conditioning the sample, self-calibration and cleaning and unattended operation for extended periods of time. Online applications include LNG process streams, liquid hydrocarbons, continuous emission monitoring (e.g. from stacks) as well as waste water applications from a variety of industrial processes.

PSA is often approached to offer independent Hg surveys and consultancy services to establish and verify results across the entire process and to explain the significance and potential impacts that Hg may have. We have a great deal of experience performing mass balance studies for natural gas processing plants, liquid extraction processing plants and petrochemical plants. Mercury occupational exposure studies and the deployment of mercury management plans have also been provided by our team of mercury experts. Our ever growing list of application notes is available on our website.

Our equipment has been fully certified to operate in hazardous area locations. PSA is the only company to offer online systems for liquid hydrocarbons including unstabilised samples which are otherwise difficult to sample. PSA is able to provide a complete engineering solution including, analyser shelter, probes, sample lines, sampling conditioning systems and analyser. With multiple signal processing options interfacing to the DCS is made easy.

So whether your application is a simple drinking water laboratory based analysis or a more complex on-line application we’d love to hear you.

PSA has regional offices in the UK, USA and Asia and with literally thousands of systems in the field today, and supporting networks in Europe, USA and SE Asia, PSA offers the ideal package of performance, reliability and support.

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