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Determination of Mercury – Core Competency Matters

Oct 20 2016

P S Analytical (PSA) is not what you would term a large business, in fact we are a group of professionals who have been at the forefront of trace mercury (Hg) determinations for over 30 years now. That’s quite some time for a company to be solely focussed on Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS). This kind of core competency focus gives rise to innovation, continual improvement and a great depth of knowledge and understanding that results in the provision of instruments and solutions with ultimate detection performance.

Our dedicated applications team continue to provide solutions to difficult analytical questions such as the determination of Hg from ambient air, soils, sediments, water, fish, plants, and wildlife. We offer solutions for petrochemical plant operators and quality control teams as well as providing online Hg analysers to monitor the quantity of mercury emitted from industrial sources such as coal fired power stations, incinerators, crematoria, smelters and chlor-alkali facilities.

More recently this dedicated team has developed systems that can seamlessly provide information of the different types of mercury species present as well as employing novel automated sample handling chemistries which makes the analytical task so much easier as well as reducing errors and analysis times. This same team offers consultancy services and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a great variety of projects.

In 2016 P S Analytical relocated to larger, purpose-built premises. With all departments situated on one floor; our whole operation from R&D to design, manufacturing and training has been integrated, creating a more worker-friendly, efficient workspace.

Comments regarding the move from Professor Peter Stockwell, who started PSA all those years ago, sums up our customer focus philosophy:

“This marks a new phase in P S Analytical’s development and provides us with the facilities to further develop our product range by our continued investment in research to meet our clients’ needs.”

So we may not be that big but our commitment to our work and our reach to the market and client listing is impressive. We have dealings with many academic and research institutes, private and government contract laboratories, food safety laboratories, municipal facilities, industrial clients, mineral and mining clients, electricity generation providers as well oil and gas companies. In fact if you need to determine Hg, the chances are that we have handled your sample matrix and can provide you with a tailored solution from sample collection and handling through to accurate analysis. We are thrilled to get new and unusual analytical requests to challenge our team of experts to provide the best solutions.

Employing AFS as a means of detection the PSA analysers provide ultimate detection performance. With literally thousands of systems in the field today, and support networks in Europe, USA and SE Asia, PSA offers the ideal package of performance, reliability and support.

P S Analytical – Experience, Performance, Reliability and Support.

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