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Decades of Experience, Performance, Reliability and Support in Industrial Instrumentation

Jan 16 2018

Coupling Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) with either cold vapour generation or hydride generation has been P S Analytical’s (PSA) core competency for over 30 years now. For the determination of mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony and bismuth, PSA offers some of the best instrumentation available.

PSA analysers provide excellent detection performance including ultra-trace limits of detection, a linear response over several orders, and minimised interferences from other matrix components. PSA’s unique flow cell design, removing troublesome glass or quartz material, results in reduced carryover for faster throughput and less re-runs. Ease of use, reliability and robustness as well as very affordable running costs are hallmarks of the PSA brand.

PSA works with many industries, organisations and markets to deliver industry leading equipment and solutions. In recent years PSA has expanded the analytical offerings with developing online systems particularly for environmental and petrochemical applications.

Some of the latest developments from P S Analytical include the 10.820 Modular Interface (MI) which extends the range of applications to any of PS’ Millennium Merlin or Excalibur instruments. The MI is configurable and may include; LC pump, injection valve, UV cracker, heater and cooling modules. With a simple interface, and compatible flow rates, the accessory facilitates speciation studies (Hg, As, Se, Bi, Sb etc.), online digestion (heat and UV), as well as a variety of post column reactions.

PS Analytical also offer online atomic fluorescence spectrometers, with integrated sample digestion and vapour generator for the determination of arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium or bismuth at trace and ultra-trace levels. These systems are capable of operation with both continuous flow and discrete sample injection options and suitable for online operation 24 hours per day, matching throughput with sensitivity requirements.

For many years, P S Analytical have pioneered the determination of mercury in hydrocarbon streams, with a sampling system and analyser range capable of determining mercury in gaseous or liquid samples. The PSA 20.610 Auto-injection Unit has been developed as an accessory to enable the offline analysis of light hydrocarbon streams that are liquids under process conditions but gas-liquid mixtures (or gases) at ambient temperatures and pressures.

The PSA 20.630 Liquefied Gas Sampling System has been developed as an accessory to enable the laboratory analysis of mercury in LPG and other liquefied petroleum gas samples. Typically, sample is delivered to the instrument as a liquid in a pressurised sample vessel or bomb, which is connected to the inlet of the system via a short stainless steel braided Teflon hose.

With literally thousands of systems in the field today, and support networks in Europe, USA and SE Asia, PSA offers the ideal package of performance, reliability and support. PS Analytical will be exhibiting at Pittcon on Booth 2212

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