• High quality reference standards for PFAS analysis

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High quality reference standards for PFAS analysis

Jul 18 2022

Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) analysis is becoming more important than ever as these persistent environmental contaminants are being identified in surface water, ground water as well as in animal and human populations across the globe.

To address this world-wide pollutant, different regulatory agencies around the world continue to release test methods for the analysis of these compounds. Currently, there are promulgated methods from the USEPA, ASTM, and ISO for the analysis of these compounds in different matrices. The one thing all of these methods have in common is the requirement for low detection limits which makes the use of a high quality reference standards essential for accurate calibration and routine daily checks.

There are hundreds of PFAS compounds currently listed as being found environmentally, and many more will likely be discovered. AccuStandard offers a wide range of PFAS Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) as single as well as multiple component mixes. For instance, our M-8327 - Perfluorinated Native Compound Standard product contains 24 of the most commonly analysed PFAS at 2 µg/mL in a methanol/water matrix. This product can be used for many different methods and allows for easy and efficient calibration. Other products include CRMs for test methods ASTM D8421, USEPA 1633 and ISO 21675:2019.

AccuStandard offers many other single component CRMs available to help the analytical chemists in meeting the requirements for these methods.  

AccuStandard has 35 years of experience formulating chemical reference standards to aid the analytical community.  They are accredited to ISO 17034:2016, and 17025:2017 as well as certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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