• The Benefits for Buying a Confined Space Kit

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The Benefits for Buying a Confined Space Kit

Jun 13 2018

Buying a confined space kit provides all of the safety products required for entering and working in a confined space at a discounted price compared to buying the individual products.

What is a Confined Space Kit and What Are the Risks?

Working in confined spaces can pose a risk to life. It’s vital you are trained to use and have the correct confined space safety equipment to minimise risks.

A confined space is an area that is enclosed with a lack of ventilation or airflow. It can be a small space or even a large space within an area which presents a number of risks to workers as well as the site.

Working in a confined space is dangerous primarily because of the risks caused by reduced oxygen levels, toxic fumes, or fire risks.

Risks include potential of explosion or fire which not only damages the site but can have severe detrimental effects on workers - a loss of consciousness, asphyxiation or life changing injuries.

You could also be at risk of flooding, drowning or asphyxiation from a source such as dust or grains.

a1-cbiss supply a range of confined space equipment designed to keep you safe whilst entering, working in and escaping confined spaces. We have a variety of tripods, winches, fall arrest blocks, escape hoods, gas detectors and other essential items such as breathing masks and powered air respirators for anyone working in or around a confined space.

Who has the Confined Space Kit Been Designed for?

The confined space kit is designed to be used by engineers or workers that require access into a manhole, silo, vent or other confined space when there are limited means of access. A tripod, winch and harness are used to safely lower an engineer into the space and the tripod can also be used as part of a rescue effort to recall a worker. The engineer will wear a gas detector to continuously detect gas and alarm once levels pose a hazard to health. The engineer will wear an over the shoulder bag containing an escape set. This provides 10 or 15 minutes’ worth of breathing air during escape.

a1-cbiss Confined Space Kit

a1-cbiss have designed a confined space kit which includes the products required to safely enter a confined space or a setup a rescue task.

Our configurable Confined Space Kits include the following:

  • Rescue Harnesses
  • Tripods & Winches
  • Retrieval / Recovery Blocks
  • Gas Detectors
  • Escape Sets
  • Breathing Apparatus

For more information, visit our website or call 0151 321 0278

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