• New Mercury Analyser RA-4300FG+

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New Mercury Analyser RA-4300FG+

Mar 31 2015

Simple, Cost Effective, Environmentally-Friendly - the total solution in Trace Mercury Analysis for Regulatory Methods including EPA 1631E, EPA 245.7.

Trace Mercury Analysis requires clean environment, clean reagents, and a reliable analyser with a high quality atomic fluorescence detection system.

The Model RA-4300FG+ Mercury Analyser accomplishes all of these tasks in a single, compact package. Its filtration system maintains a clean environment. It has a built-in reagent purging system to keep your reagents clean during analysis. The RA-4300FG+ also has one of the most advanced and sensitive atomic fuorescence spectroscopy (AFS) detectors available today.

The RA-4300FG+ has a unique and special air cleaner function. Ambient air passes through activated carbon filter, and Hg-free air is introduced inside. This function can keep low reagent blank and avoid contamination of test tube during digestion.

RA-4300FG+ easily achieves ppt and sub-ppt detection levels for Mercury. It can achieve these detection limits in liquid sample types including drinking waters, natural waters, wastewaters, and digested solids using the technique of reducing vapourisation and gold amalgamation with atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS) detection.

RA-4300FG+ has a built-in Argon purge system. Mercury-free Argon gas is purged through each of the SnCl2 and NH2OH-HCl reagents at all times to eliminate mercury contamination and reduce reagent blanks.

The software allows the operator to select for operation by EPA1631E, EPA245.7, or normal measurement via the software. The software includes animated graphics that illustrate the analyser’s real-time operation.

It also includes all the standard QC requirements for EPA Methods 1631E/245.7, which are automatically calculated and reported, and even include automated control of the analyser according to PASS/FAIL QC requirement.

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