• Precise and cost-effective air quality monitoring technology

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Precise and cost-effective air quality monitoring technology

Nov 08 2023

Precise and cost-effective air quality monitoring is an essential asset for industrial facilities, urban conglomerations, and transportation hubs for safeguarding the local community and complying with ever more stringent environmental legislation. The Kunak AIR Pro and AIR Lite air quality monitoring stations offer a dependable solution, providing comprehensive data on multiple pollutants with ease, speed, and affordability. The rugged and compact Kunak AIR stations provide real-time air quality information, eliminating the need for external instruments. These cutting-edge devices were recently exhibited at the CEM 2023 exhibition and conference in Barcelona to great acclaim from visitors and delegates at the event.

The Kunak stations have been developed to operate reliably in the harshest conditions, thanks to their IP65 enclosure and IK08 rated level of impact protection. These innovative devices feature Kunak’s patented smart cartridge technology, enabling simultaneous measurement of particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, Total Suspended Particles and Total Particles Count) and several gases (up to 5 with the AIR Pro and 2 with the AIR Lite). Users can simply replace and combine gas cartridges and PM sensors with a plug-and-play system, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing project requirements.

Designed for projects requiring measurement of several gases and particles, the Kunak AIR solution has already been used by numerous global organisations. It can be powered it through its built-in battery or solar panel. Additional probes can be integrated to customise the system to specific monitoring needs, requiring minimal maintenance.

Precise, reliable data enables end users to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. The Kunak AIR Cloud software serves as the hub where all sensor network data is wirelessly transmitted, visualised, and analysed, thus helping users to reduce their environmental impact and take proactive measures.

Kunak's air quality solutions have earned plaudits from renowned air quality experts worldwide. Organisations such as Airparif, who are responsible for air quality monitoring in Paris, the Secretaria del Medio Ambiente de la Ciudad de México (Environmental Secretariat of Mexico City), and the US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) have put Kunak's solution to the test, with exceedingly positive results. The Kunak AIR Pro particulate sensor has also recently achieved Mcerts certification.

An integrated OLED display provides operators with clear readings and on-field diagnosis - and data integration is effortless, supporting local wired integration through slave Modbus RTU or cloud-based API connectivity.

Kunak AIR Cloud, Kunak’s advanced air quality software, simplifies data analysis and report generation, enabling data-driven decision-making. It also offers a complete suite of tools for data analysis, the remote operation and maintenance via an alarm system to ensure the network's continued efficiency.

Collected data can be seamlessly integrated into public air quality platforms or third-party applications using the powerful REST API. Operators can also integrate external data sources for a comprehensive air analysis profile on a single platform.

The Kunak AIR range is a paragon of precision and cost-effectiveness in air quality monitoring technology. Its positive impact on ensuring that industries and municipalities conform to environmental regulations is beyond doubt, and it is already proving to be an indispensable asset for organisations worldwide.

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