• Highly advanced air quality sensors make history at AIRLAB 2023

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Highly advanced air quality sensors make history at AIRLAB 2023

Jan 25 2024

Kunak's revolutionary technology won an award as the most accurate sensors on the market at the recent AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge, organised by AIRPARIF. For the second, successive edition, Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite won the appreciated award for developing the most accurate multi-pollutant sensors for at international level between many other global manufacturers.

The Airlab Challenge, hosted by AIRPARIF, evaluates and compares microsensors in an unbiased way and informs users about the product’s potential uses and fit. The challenge considers various factors, such as accuracy, utility, usability, shape, costs, etc. The challenge ensures fair evaluation by testing all devices under the same circumstances and durations. However, since the IPI index is logarithmic, performance gaps become more evident with higher values, resulting in overall high scores for all outcomes.

This award is further proof that Kunak’s sensors are suited to all environmental conditions, showing the highest accuracy in France and Thailand evaluation. Kunak was recognized as the leader in accuracy across all measured parameters, showing a higher performance over other participants. These results were obtained after the rectification of significant errors in the initial evaluation of the data collected during the tests.

One should note the initial results needed to be reevaluated because of some significant errors in the first analysis of the instrumentation data, which resulted in an inaccurate appraisal of the Kunak device. Once these miscalculations were corrected, Kunak’s product range was recognised for its unparalleled accuracy. Kunak is the only multi-pollutant sensor manufacturer that has improved its results since Airlab 2021 edition. The AIR Pro and AIR Lite O3 sensors were awarded as the best in France and Thailand, and the PM2.5 sensor for indoor applications.

Edurne Ibarrola, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Kunak said, “Winning the award for the second year in a row for the most accurate multi-pollutant sensor is a testament to all the R&D efforts we have made in recent years, solving all the limitations of air quality sensors, in real time, and without the need for external data. At Kunak, we are committed to offering the best product on the market, and this award is proof that we are on the right track."

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