• Next-generation air quality sensor set to revolutionise the identification of top-priority pollutants across cities and industrial regions

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Next-generation air quality sensor set to revolutionise the identification of top-priority pollutants across cities and industrial regions

Mar 29 2024

Vaisala has launched their new 560 (AQT560) Air Quality Transmitter, a highly advanced and compact air quality sensor with a wide detection range providing accurate PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 measurements, as well as a unique calibration system and algorithms that facilitate superb levels of detection accuracy and efficiency.

The AQT560 is outstanding as a dependable, precise and compact air quality sensor for measuring particle matter (PM); its exceptional accuracy in the detection of aerosol number concentration of particles within the size range of 0.3 to 10 microns is unsurpassed. Therefore, the AQT560 offers the perfect solution for precisely providing PM1 concentrations for sources mostly emitted by combustion – for example: traffic, wood burning and wildfires, PM2.5 concentrations mainly generated by long-range transport, and PM10 concentrations from abrasive matter – including road dust, sandstorms, construction, and heavy industry including mining.

The performance of the new transmitter’s particle measurement performance was compared to reference-grade sensors by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). Vaisala’s AQT560 achieved a higher level of accuracy during NILU’s thorough examination; the research organisation rated the transmitter’s performance as “very good,” particularly when carrying out PM10 detection.

By taking advantage of Vaisala’s intelligent humidity control system and algorithms, the AQT560 monitors for levels of the most critical pollutant gases found in ambient air, including carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. It is ideal for use in networks; it is factory-calibrated to Vaisala’s extremely high standards, thereby enabling consistent network insights. The AQT 560 features highly advanced optical components and a rotary vane pump that provides optimal flow management and control, delivering reliable intelligence. Users can combine a network of AQT560 sensors with Vaisala’s unique modelling capabilities to cost-effectively create localised intelligent observations and forecasts.

 The AQT560’s compact design makes it ideal for supplemental air quality monitoring, including traffic emissions and near-source monitoring, such as mining operations and construction sites. It offers flexible plug-and-play connectivity options and can be used standalone or within pre- existing networks.

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