• New, flexible and robust monitoring station for hyperlocal weather and air quality needs

Weather Monitoring

New, flexible and robust monitoring station for hyperlocal weather and air quality needs

Oct 10 2023

Vaisala has introduced its new Beam Weather Station, a compact and versatile monitoring station designed to meet the unique and specific needs of communities, enabling them to access precise weather and environmental information quickly and easily. Whether assessing road conditions, air quality, or other environmental factors, the Beam Weather Station helps users to tailor intelligence to their own specific requirements.

The Beam Weather Station is a turnkey solution that provides an extensive range of data, including information on air pollutants, solar radiation, flooding, snow depth, water level, visibility, road conditions, pavement temperature, and current weather conditions. This compact weather station can be deployed virtually anywhere, making it extremely useful for a wide variety of applications. Its affordability and compact design also facilitate the establishment of denser observation networks, enhancing the comprehension of weather and optimising processes accordingly. The Beam Weather Station consolidates insights and delivers them directly to the user's back-end system, with select measurements accessible via Vaisala's cloud services.

Paras Chopra, Product Manager at Vaisala, commented, "Our customers require more flexibility in the parameters they monitor and how the information is distributed, and we answered with the best-in-class Beam Weather Station. Unlike anything in the industry, our solution advances communities to make them more resilient to the effects of weather and poor air quality by providing accessible, actionable, easy-to-use, and affordable intelligence. Beam has been co-developed with input from some of the leading system integrators to improve the sustainability of our communities."

The Beam Weather Station uses gold-standard sensor technology already deployed in some of the harshest environments on Earth, and even on Mars. This technology offers excellent flexibility, as the Beam Station is available both as a standalone unit or as part of a network of stations. It measures a wide range of weather and environmental parameters, such as humidity, temperature, precipitation, road conditions, pavement temperature, snow depth, water level, air pollutants, and solar radiation.

The Beam Weather Station is easy to install, even in busy urban areas with existing infrastructure such as street poles, traffic lights, and bridges. The plug-and-play design simplifies deployment considerably, with increased sensor support and real-time data delivery to gain insights into a multitude of measurements, to warn of severe weather – such as flooding or heatwaves, poor air quality, helping with several crucial tasks such as traffic management, and winter road maintenance.

Operators can seamlessly integrate measurements into their own back-end systems directly from the gateway, with select measurements accessible through Vaisala's cloud services. Data security is one of Vaisala’s top priorities, ensuring customer data remains safe, confidential, compliant, and relaible.

Vaisala's Beam Weather Station is an excellent choice for hyperlocal weather and air quality monitoring; it provides end-users with flexibility, reliability, and affordability. With its capability to provide precise and timely data for a myriad of applications, from urban planning to environmental management, the Beam Weather Station empowers communities to make informed decisions and build resilience in the face of weather-related challenges.

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