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Real-time construction site dust monitoring

Sep 10 2020

Construction projects have the potential to release large amounts of dust into the air, giving rise to the need for effective on-site controls. Dust is classified as a statutory nuisance under the UK’s Environmental Protection Act 1990 and any complaints received by local authorities have to be investigated. Construction companies can ill afford delays to their tight project schedules as well as the negative press that may accompany it. An effective monitoring solution that is designed for the job is therefore in everyone’s interest.

Construction site operators need instant access to measurement data that shows them how effective their dust management controls are. Local authorities need to know that the project owners are staying within the agreed limits whilst local communities want to feel that their safety concerns are fully addressed.

TSI’s DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor is an MCERTS certified instrument that is up to the job. It contains an array of features that enable it to operate continuously in tough conditions without any loss in performance. Through our cloud monitoring platform, the DustTrak™ will continuously log dust levels and alert designated people enabling them to take immediate action should levels exceed defined limits.

When choosing an environmental dust monitor for a construction site, make sure that it has been certified by the Environment Agency under its MCERTS scheme for Indicative ambient particulate monitors. It's also important to check the concentration level that is has been tested to; as a minimum this should be equal to or greater than 190 μg/m3. In addition to this, the monitor has to be tested to measure both PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously. Always ask to see a copy of the co-location test results and choose the monitor that has the highest correlation to the reference instrument. This correlation is often referred to as the R2 number, the higher the number the better the correlation.

At TSI, we take pride in our outstanding products and service and we always strive to build lasting partnerships with our customers. When you buy from TSI, you don't just get a product. We want you to have the best experience possible and we do this by providing you with unrivaled backup support and service. Our dedicated service centre located in High Wycombe UK enables us to service and calibrate your instruments in only one working week. Our service speed keeps your down-time to the bare minimum so that you can keep on monitoring. In addition to this we are also able to offer services such as on-site training, courtesy monitors, site servicing and more.

TSI’s MCERTS certified DustTrak™ Environmental Monitors are packaged in three convenient system configurations, each is fit for purpose dependent upon what mass fraction needs to be measured. We can measure PM10 or PM2.5 individually or simultaneously. This instrument is compatible with a variety of sensors to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases, wind speed and more.

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