• New website enhances thermography education in the classroom, online, or at your facility

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New website enhances thermography education in the classroom, online, or at your facility

Oct 11 2022

Infrared camera technology is ubiquitous in a wide variety of industry sectors including building diagnostics, electrical inspection, optical gas imaging, and industrial automation. Both handheld and drone-based cameras can detect anomalies and problems that are invisible to the human eye. Proper training will enable operators to get the best results from their thermographic technology and achieve rapid, reliable and precise results. 

Signing up to the right thermography classes is now an easy task thanks to Infrared Training Center’s (ITC) newly launched website. The website will assist experienced and aspiring thermographers to choose the right course to gain better value from their thermal inspections and help them to make a stronger case to their employers to sponsor this type of professional development. Thermographers can pick the most suitable training to ensure that inspections are performed the right way, based on knowledge gained from education, rather than assumptions and guess work.

These training courses increase the safety of personnel operating these cameras, along with their colleagues, as any problems discovered by thermography can be solved, while reducing troubleshooting time, improving productivity, and facilitating better and more effective predictive maintenance programs. The result is less outages and avoiding potential catastrophic, dangerous and costly failures and shutdowns.

Thermography needs training and experience to ensure that readings are both precise and actionable. ITC provides the necessary training with the best interactive thermography courses from highly qualified and experienced thermography instructors. ITC courses maintain ISO 9001 certification, to provide beneficial training, certification, and re-certification in every aspect of infrared thermography. Interpreting thermal imaging correctly requires the right training, experience and first-hand knowledge of thermographic technology.

Technicians and engineers have different levels of experience with thermographic applications and technology; whatever the level of their experience, the ITC make an immediate beneficial impact.

For those who are new to this technology, the introductory, Level I courses serve to better communicate and comprehend the benefits of using thermal imaging technology. The Level II course is ideal for people who are already familiar with leveraging thermography in the field; ITC helps these thermographers to keep up to date with the latest tips and trends and to maintain the highest level of globally recognised certification. Level III offers far more detailed and advanced courses (for experienced users who are perfecting their skills and keeping their certifications up to date. Whichever course level they take, ITC certification will enhance a technician’s credibility, further their career, and enable them to optimise their thermal imaging inspection technology.

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