• Does One Pump Fit All?

Air Monitoring

Does One Pump Fit All?

Oct 25 2013

Most airborne contaminants, whether they come in the form of dusts and particulates or gases or vapours, or even fungal spores and bacteria, will have a recommended method of sampling. Whatever your requirements SKC (UK) have the pump and sampling accessories to suit your application.

The extensive SKC range includes pumps for personal air sampling. The small lightweight Pocket Pump has a low flow rate, which is ideal for gases and vapours. For medium flow applications SKC offer the economical Airlite conveniently works off alkaline batteries, the dependable and reliable Sidekick, which is suitable for dusts or gases, and the robust and programmable AirChek 3000 which has a patented internal flow sensor and is dust and rain proof to IP64. For medium to high use, the AirChek XR5000 provides extended run times in a compact form, and the Universal combines versatility with ATEX approval and a wide flow range.

Where higher flow rates are recommended, particularly for environmental area monitoring for contaminants such as asbestos or bio aerosols, the SKC range includes the tough and trustworthy Leland Legacy, capable of running for over 24 hours on a single charge, the easily portable Flite 2, with a flow range up to 26L/min, and the BioLite, which has been specifically designed to sample for biological hazards such as fungal spores and bacteria.

Our knowledgeable technical support team can assist you in finding the right pump and the relevant accessories to suit your needs.

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