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Face Level Sampling Made Easy

Sep 17 2014

Welding is a common industrial process but at the same time a hazardous one. Obvious risks include burns to the skin, flash burns to the eyes and the risk of fire. However there is an invisible risk, one that can have acute and long term effects for the welder, and that is welding fumes. These are solid particles that originate from welding consumables, the base metal and any coatings present on the base metal.

The type of fumes that the welders are exposed to are determined by the type of welding being performed, the material the electrode is made of and the type of metal being welded. Combined with the duration and severity of exposure this increases the risks to the welder.

Potential health effects from regular exposure

Cancer: Welding fume is internationally classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Pneumonia: Welders are particularly prone to a lung infection that can lead to severe and sometimes fatal pneumonia. Pneumonia kills about 2 welders each year and it can affect welders of all ages.

Irritation of the throat and lungs: Gases and fine particles in welding fumes can cause dryness of the throat, tickling, coughing or a tight chest. High exposure to nitrous oxides in particular can also be a contributory factor. Extreme exposure to ozone can cause pulmonary oedema.

For protection against these health effects it is standard practice to wear masks. However in the past it has been difficult to accurately monitor the exposure and to prove the mask’s effectiveness.  
But not anymore.

So how can SKC Help?

The SKC Face Level Sampling Headset provides the comfort of a traditional headset with the benefit of holding media at the centre of the breathing zone for accurate measurements. 

The Face Level Sampling Headset features dual flexible sampling arms for parallel simultaneous samples and allows measurements inside personal protective equipment such as masks and helmets.

Contact our Technical Sales Team on 01258 480188 for further information or to place an order.

The Face Level Sampling Headset was developed in a research project partly funded by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and carried out at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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