• Thermal power and combustion efficiency control – new application note discusses a total gas analysis solution

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Thermal power and combustion efficiency control – new application note discusses a total gas analysis solution

Mar 20 2024

Servomex is globally renowned for providing solutions for plant emissions control and monitoring. They aim to lower costs while enhancing process, safety, and emission control throughout the entire process.

To optimise the efficiency of a combustion process, excess air is needed to ensure complete fuel combustion. This is not a simple task; as too much or too little air reduces combustion efficiency and generates higher emission levels causing damage to the environment. Continuous monitoring of oxygen and combustible levels in flue gas is necessary to enable swift adjustments in the boiler control system to achieve maximum efficiency.

Servomex’s highly advanced combustion gas analysers and emissions gas monitoring instrumentation save up to 4% of fuel costs, thereby lowering emissions and keeping up the highest standards of safety while being kinder to the environment. For example, Servomex’s Servotough FluegasExact 2700 flue gas analyser monitors both oxygen and combustibles in flue gases. It measures oxygen by using Servomex’s patented zirconium oxide sensor technology and thick film catalytic sensor, which is optimised for carbon monoxide and used to detect parts per million (ppm) levels of combustibles while monitoring combustible breakthrough.

To facilitate preventative maintenance, Servomex offers an optional flow sensor that monitors the flow rate up the analyser’s probe and through its sensors. The sensors are housed within a heated sensor head, which is mounted on the process wall.  Sample flue gas is drawn into the sensor via a sample probe.

Keith Warren, Servomex’s Head of IP&E Applications and Development, said, “Precise monitoring of plant equipment linked to a real-time process control strategy is crucial. Furnace combustion efficiency optimisation tied to downstream gaseous emission levels leads not only to potential lower fuel costs but reduced CO, NOx, CO2, SO2 and particulate emissions, particularly during load changes and start-up and shutdown when the system temperatures are not ideal. We are the expert global partner, offering a total gas analysis solution, which includes the FluegasExact 2700 for optimising combustion.”

Servomex recently published an application note that discusses the crucial role of gas analysis in thermal power and combustion processes, and its capability to help reduce fuel costs, lower emissions and maintain high safety and environmental standards.

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