• Govee choose temperature and humidity sensor for indoor air monitoring devices

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Govee choose temperature and humidity sensor for indoor air monitoring devices

Jul 06 2021

Govee have chosen Sensirion’s SHTC3 humidity and temperature sensors for use in their air quality monitoring devices.

Many people struggle through the summer months with shortness of breath, headaches and asthma attacks. People are not allergic to heat per se, however heightened temperatures and humidity levels inside buildings can cause a variety of health problems. Extremely high or low humidity levels create an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish, buildings with high humidity levels are prone to mold spores, dust mites and a host of other allergens and toxins, such as formaldehyde, can also thrive in such conditions. Ideally, a relative humidity level of 40 – 60% reduces such problems and is best for a building’s occupants’ health and comfort. 

Govee’s mission is ‘Making Life Smarter’ – and their indoor air quality monitors do just that. Govee are renowned for their ground breaking smart home devices that enhance both their customer’s health and their home environment. Govee have been striving to improve indoor air conditions and the inclusion of the Sensirion SHTC3 humidity and temperature sensor offers not only unsurpassed accuracy, but also excellent energy consumption – so Govee’s monitor’s now offer the most precise readings possible, with excellent battery life.  

Sensirion designed the humidity and temperature sensor with the consumer electronics sector in mind. The Swiss sensor experts needed to improve on hitherto accepted limitations on size, power consumption and  price-performance ratio to meet with Govee’s requirements. Thanks to Sensirion’s CMOSens® technology, their SHTC3 is effectively an entire sensor system all on one chip: a capacitive humidity sensor, a band-gap temperature sensor, both analogue and digital signal processing capabilities an A/D converter, calibration data memory and a digital communication interface which supports I2C fast mode. Thanks to the tiny 2 x 2 x 0.75 square millimetre DFN package, this unit can successfully operate in even the most confined of spaces. The SHTC3 humidity and temperature sensor features a humidity measurement range of 0 % to 100 % (relative humidity) and a temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C with an expected accuracy of ±2 % (relative humidity) and ±0.2 °C (temperature).

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