• New humidity sensor for challenging industrial applications

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New humidity sensor for challenging industrial applications

Mar 21 2023

Sensirion recently announced the launch of the SHT40I-Analog humidity sensor designed for demanding industrial applications and harsh environments where high noise levels may impede the use of digital solutions. The new sensor enables easy design-in and customer-specific output characteristics for high-volume applications.

The SHT40I-Analog is a state-of-the-art humidity and temperature sensor specifically engineered for use in challenging industrial applications, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, and other environments where system noise makes it difficult to use digital sensors.

Matthias Scharfe, Product Manager for Humidity and Temperature Sensors at Sensirion, said, "The SHT40I-Analog builds on the established foundation of our fourth-generation humidity sensor platform, which opens up new possibilities in the industrial applications field. With this launch, we are now offering an optimal solution for long-term stability in applications where system noise is a critical factor."

Similar to the SHT4xI digital series, the SHT40I-Analog version features a 5 V supply voltage, robust housing, and increased driving strength to withstand the demands of harsh operating conditions. Additionally, an optional periodic variable power heater enables operation in extremely challenging environments, including those with constant high humidity and condensing atmospheres.

In addition to the standard version (SHT40I-HD1B), Sensirion offers different customer-specific output characteristics and options for the filter membrane and cover upon request. The SHT40I-Analog provides excellent stability, precision, and reliability in a variety of challenging industrial applications, making it an ideal solution for industrial manufacturers seeking a dependable humidity sensor for their products.

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