• Complete CEM solutions for any application anywhere in the world.

Air Monitoring

Complete CEM solutions for any application anywhere in the world.

Aug 10 2022

UK based Protea provide world class analysers along with complete CEMS, they can also offer full technical support and service either from their headquarters, or via their distributors around the world. Protea offer systems that integrate MCERTS certified in-situ IR/UV, FT-IR and FID analysers, as well as an MCERTS DAHS package, provided with their analysers, to ensure a flawless integration and support for the whole CEM solution. Every CEMS is fully tested before being shipped from the UK for installation, to ensure that every component of the system is fully functional before being commissioned.  

Protea have many years of experience in this field and understand that every CEMS installation is different, which is why they are flexible in their approach and can customise each system to fit each individual end user’s application’s needs. They offer wide measurement ranges and the capability to measure new or customised gas mixes with their FT-IR technology. A couple of their recent installations have included systems for ethylene oxide monitoring to ppb levels and carbon capture and storage (CCS); they also offer customised analyser integration for tougher applications such as monitoring aggressive gas streams or measuring multi-streams with a single analyser. 

Emissions analyser achieves Korean Registry approval
The Korean Registry recently approved Protea’s P2000 marine emissions analyser; to add to an expanding list of certificates awarded to this unique instrument, which includes MCERTS approval among many others. The devise is installed to the ship’s exhaust directly, so the gas is monitored withing the duct. This in-situ instrument needs no sample preparation components, unlike the conventional, cumbersome and maintenance intensive analysers that the marine sector have become accustomed to. This device ensures that operators are working within the regulations set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), with hundreds of P2000s already installed worldwide on a variety of different classes of vessel, on both scrubbed and non-scrubbed applications over the last 10 years. 

Protea provide complete service and support from their UK headquarters, or via their global distribution network. They recently made several improvements to the P2000, which included a new, patented hybrid UV/IR method within the instrument. The P2000 uses infrared (IR) technology for carbon dioxide (CO2)) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), but a new UV method for monitoring sulphur dioxide (SO2) at low levels has been developed to allow end-users to precisely measure SO2  - a requisite for a host of today’s international regulations

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