• Future alternative to the standard method for mercury measurement

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Future alternative to the standard method for mercury measurement

Oct 29 2020

The portable M&C Sorbent Trap System for mercury measurements is a new product in M&C TechGroup’s portfolio. Regulation DIN CEN/TS 17286, adopted at European level in July 2019, requires the reduction of emission levels to a ½ hourly average of 7 µg/Nm3 and an annual average of 1 µg/Nm3. This paves the way for new measurement methods.

The detection limits of the wet chemical methods used so far, based on a KMnO4 solution, are at an annual average of about 2 µg/Nm³. Due to the reduction of the permitted emission values, new, more sensitive measuring methods are required. With the Sorbent Trap System, M&C TechGroup offers a method that has been specially designed with significantly reduced detection limits to meet the higher requirements of the new standard.

The M&C Sorbent Trap Sampler is a reliable, precise sampling system for the determination of the total mercury concentration in flue gases.

M&C succeeded in developing a special probe designed for fixing the sorbent traps on account of its many years of experience in constructing probes. The flue gas from the process is actively extracted and passed through the sorbent traps. Sampling times between ½ h and 336 h (2 weeks) can be selected.

A cooler installed downstream of the probe separates the condensate. For safety reasons, a colorimeter developed and designed by M&C monitors the formation of condensate. In the measuring unit, pumps and MFCs (Mass Flow Controllers) are used to control the volume of the flue gas. The cooler and the measuring unit are housed in two impact-resistant cases that are protected in accordance with IP42. The easy-to-operate software guides the user smoothly and reliably through the measurement.

Before and after the collection period, the traps are checked for tightness and after the sampling period, they will be removed from the probe and sealed. The analysis is then performed in the laboratory. For each further measurement, new sorbent traps are used.

M&C offers a complete package consisting of a Sorbent Trap System, different types of sorbent traps and subsequent analysis.

The range of products and services meets the requirements of a wide variety of monitoring and control processes in all industries and covers the entire process chain of gas analysis.

With 35 years of expertise in engineering and constructing gas analysing systems, M&C offers business partners worldwide standardised, universally used applications, but also specifically configured solutions for most complex measuring tasks.

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