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Versatile and compliant gas analysis products tailored to customer needs

May 09 2018

The analysis of different gas mixtures is one of the most important measurement challenges in industry. Gas analysis plays a vital role in process engineering, the continuous measurement of gas composition enables the effective monitoring of both process efficiency and product quality. The results are used for monitoring, evaluating and controlling a process. Gas analysers provide and document fundamental information on the development of a process, which enables targeted process optimisation and scheduling of actual maintenance needs for the facility.

From its very beginning, M&C has focused on providing instruments for extractive measurement of difficult, complex and challenging gas mixtures. One of our goals is to provide standard-compliant gas analysis products, which are right on our way ahead of the latest, legislative requirements.

M&C’s highly reliable PSS5portable gas conditioning unit has been redesigned to meet the revised EN15267-4 standard, which will be coming into effect this year. The enhanced model has been upgraded to an IP42 level of protection and includes a requisite gas temperature monitoring device and a temperature display visible from outside the unit. Among the improvements made by M&C to meet these requirements was our future-oriented new ECPX000C Peltier cooler series, which is integrated within the PSS5C. A universal power supply, long-lasting Peltier elements and a larger application range for the device because of the PSS5C’s capability of absolute value and differential temperature control are just a few of the eye catching features of this high-performance cooler.

Also new to M&C’s product portfolio is a Sorbent Trap device for measuring mercury. The DIN EN 13211 Standard, which states that Sorbent Traps are a recognised option for use as a mobile standard reference method to the current standard procedure, is expected to be adopted at European level at the end of this year.

The Sorbent Trap is a discontinuous measuring device. It actively extracts flue gas from the process. The flue gas is pumped through the sorbent traps. The result is an average mercury value over the set exposure time. The device can operate for a maximum of 2 weeks before the actual sorbent traps need to be replaced.

These devices are less complex and require significantly less maintenance than continuous devices, which are used for the current standard procedure.

On January 1st, 2020 a reduction in sulphur emissions, from the current level of 3.5% to 0.5%, will come into law for all international shipping outside Emission Control Areas (ECAs) – coastal areas in North America and Northern Europe.

M&C’s SSM0-5 Marine gas conditioning unit and SP180H-MA sampling probe have been tested and approved by independent certifiers (Germanischer Lloyd). They are designed to help support the shipping industry, oil refiners and commodity traders to meet their legal requirements by handling the gas analysis process with the customer-supplied analyser.

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